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Dining in: Syrian kitchens offer innovative food and most

Kebab Karaz (ground beef kebab marinated in cherry and berries sauce), topped with almonds and parsley, from Syrian Kitchen. Photo by Peter Hum.
Kebab marinade (ground beef cherry) And kebab marinated in berry sauce), topped with almonds and parsley, from Syrian Kitchen. Photo by Peter Ham. Photo: Peter Hum/Post Media

Syrian Kitchen
48 Nelson St. (in a bakery in Portugal), 819-328-7961,syrian kitchen. ca
Business Hours:Daily from 10am to 8pm
Price:Main $ 15 to $ 22

I just wanted more because the amount of Syrian food I had in recent years was small.

It's hard to resist getting a super fresh falafel wrap made from in-situ baked sajipan when visiting Ottawa's farmers market and selling falafel Guys. .. I will beat the pita I bought at the store every time.

The Syrian Shawarma in Gatineau's Hal Sector Shawarma and Chinatown's Laheave Shawarma also have some great saji. In addition, they fine-tune what goes into Shawarma, Syria, compared to the myriad examples of Lebanon that have grown in Ottawa for decades.

Last weekend, when I ordered a large quantity from the Syrian kitchen in Lower Town, the latest survey of Syrian cuisine was done. I knew the business six years ago because I had been buying package dips for a long time at various grocery stores in Ottawa. But I just recently learned of that more substantive item.

Damascus-born Rehabilia Das owns a Syrian kitchen and a Portuguese bakery on Nelson Street that shares its space with the Syrian kitchen. Adas arrived in Ottawa from Syria in 1990, but has hired recently arrived Syrians who have left their hometown of the civil war for the past decade.

I chose to bring back a large order from Syrian Kitchen rather than ordering food through a delivery service or eating on a small patio facing the street.

The dip and rice stuffed grape leaves I was already familiar with did not disappoint with their freshness and consistency. Falafel was like a small chickpea donut. The lentil soup was rich and delicious, but it was too salty. Nothing couldn't be fixed by diluting it a little.

Dips and pickled turnips from Syrian Kitchen, plus rice from Syrian Kitchen.
Dip and pickles from the Syrian kitchen Turnips, plus rice from the Syrian kitchen.Photo courtesy of Peter Hum/Post media
Falafel from Syrian Kitchen.
Falafel from Syrian Kitchen.Photo courtesy of Peter Hum/Post media
Lentil soup from Syrian Kitchen.
Syrian Kitchen lentil soup. Photo: Peter Hum/Post Media

Two rich source items that I think are rare in Ottawa were my favorites.

Kebbeh Labanya (kebbeh cooked in yogurt).
Kebbeh Labanya (kebbeh cooked with yogurt). Photo: Peter Hum/Post Media

Kebbeh labanya ($ 22) is a well-made fried minced meat with spices. Grains have been taken to another level thanks to a warm, flavorful yogurt sauce studded with balls, herbs and toasted sliver almonds.

Kibbeh Labanya (kibbeh cooked in yogurt)
Kibbeh Labanya (kibbeh cooked with yogurt) Photo courtesy of: Peter Hum/Post Media

Hummus fatteh ($ 15) for breakfast and brunch elsewhere in Ottawa. Syrian Kitchen Fate layered chickpeas on top of crispy pita, with warm, nutty tahini and all their delicious almonds on top.

Hummus Fatteh (chickpeas layered over crispy pita bread and topped with hot tahini sauce sizzled with almonds) from Syrian Kitchen.
Humsfate (chickpeas layered on crispy pita bread, hot tahini Topped with almond-baked sauce from a Syrian kitchen). Photo: Peter Hum /jpg

I used to eat countless chickens, but the Syrian Kitchen was moist. Chicken Skewers ($ 22) They made themselves stand out with hints of their spicy sweetness.

Chicken taouk from Syrian Kitchen
Shish taouk chicken taouk Photo: Peter Hum/Post Media

Also, what is novel to me is a dish called Kababu Karazu ($ 22), in which ground beef skewers are marinated. It was done. For a sour and spicy finish with cherry and berry sauce. The skewers were a little salty and hit us.

Kebab Karaz (ground beef kebab marinated with cherries) from Syrian Kitchen.
Syrian Kitchen Kebab Karazu (Ground Beef Kebab Marinated in Cherry) .. Photo: Peter Hum/Post Media

Maqluba in Syrian kitchen, seasoned ground beef, eggplant, tomato rice ($ 22) ), It was homely and comfortable.

Syrian Kitchen’s maklouba.
Maqluba in the Syrian kitchen. Photo: Peter Hum/Post Media

Considering that the container is full of rice, the price of food is reasonable. was. Tabbouleh and other by-products. I've always had too many orders, and I didn't expect to feed five people one night and four more the next night, but I still have a few lunch leftovers.

I ordered from the Syrian Kitchen online portal, but from another website I found that some other dishes are listed. The success of Syrian Kitchen has stimulated my appetite, so I look forward to trying them out in the future.

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