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Experts say a failed B.C. bank robbery and a 1997 North Hollywood shootout.

More details are being revealed about the twin brothers on Vancouver Island who were killed last week when police said they had attempted an armed bank robbery in Saanich.

The shooting injured six officers, but killed both Duncan's Isaac brothers and Matthew Auktellony.

Until March 2020, Global News learned that Isaac was employed by Duncan's Canadian Tire, where a clear love for him and Matthew's guns grew.

The brothers worked at Pacific Energy in Duncan until late June. The company manufactures wood stoves and gas fireplaces.

"We can confirm that we were hired at our facility between November 2021 and June 2022," Pacific Energy's Cory Iversen said in a statement. "While hired with us, they showed no signs of what they could do.

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"We are fully cooperating with the authorities to answer questions that may help shed light on this tragedy. On June 28, to a brave police officer involved in meaningless violence. Thank you. I hope that those who have been injured on the job will recover completely and quickly. "

A former classmate of the brothers said he attended Francis Kelsey Middle School in Milbay.

"In high school, they were mostly dating each other, but I knew they were very nice people with a good group of friends," Tanner Jacobs told Global News. recent years.

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Police say the 22-year-old brother was behind the failure of a bank robbery in Saanich last Tuesday.

After a shootout between the brothers and the police, three officers at the Saanich police station were injured, and three officers at the Victoria police station were also injured.

Retired Saanich police officer Chris Hoesley told Global News that he soon realized the similarities between the incident and the 1997 North Hollywood shootout.

"That was the first thing I thought of when I heard about how they were dressed," Hosley said.

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"It's really the worst The case is a scenario because it looks like those suspects went and prepared for an armed encounter. "

In 1997, two bank robbers wearing body armor and wielding an assault trifle After attempting a robbery at the Bank of America in North Hollywood, he participated in a lengthy gun battle with police. Most of the police were armed with pistols.

"It was one of the largest cities in the United States, but we were able to postpone LAPD for about 45 minutes," Horsley added.

According to Hosley, police changes in North America killed both suspects and injured 18 people, including 11 police officers.

"It's now commonplace for police to equip cars with some form of long gun or rifle," he said.

The subject of the shootout was in a 2021 Instagram post about an account with Isaac's name. Your account has been deleted.

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Professor Christian Leuprecht of the Royal Military College of Canada said: This case was called "mysterious."

"Given that there is no resistance to attacks from within the bank, the attack on the bank itself is quite mysterious and there is the fact that it is heavily armed against this type of attack. Looking for it would be outside the bank, "he told Global News.

"People nowadays know that avoiding these types of stunts is pretty difficult, police are pretty sensitive. The emergency response team for the last 20 years has been very Has been flexible and responded to threats to public security. ”

Leuprecht says that most bank robbers are done when chasing money transport rather than robbing the bank itself. Given that he said he didn't think it looked like a particularly professional operation.

"So if you have a social media post that clearly shows your affinity for previous shootings, show some affinity for the radicals, the views of the radicals, and the dissatisfied views of the government. I think there is. Ignore authority and law enforcement. "

He may have been involved in a shootout because his brothers could have easily given up. Added.

"The shootout may have been the intended purpose of the bank robbery, not the robbery itself."

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