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Fab Five: Canada Cool

Calling on some of the successful Canadian brands and creatives on our beaches and abroad, whether to silently celebrate or pay the acknowledgments. Is also worth it.

We Canadians still have a lot to be proud of for all the people and nations who have been mistreated in the past. Whether you choose to celebrate or silently acknowledge, it's also worth calling on some of our successful Canadian brands and creatives on the beach and abroad. Rebecca Tay exhibits five works by a Canadian brand born and raised.

True North

Bay's iconic five-point stripes are ubiquitous in Canadian cabins and cottages, but we still love them and rob them every time we find them in vintage or second-hand stores. This limited edition collaboration with the Toronto Raptors, released earlier this year, features both brand logos and was created to accelerate racial equity. 100% of net income supports the Hudson's Bay Charter Four Change, which works with community partners servicing Black. Indigenous and colored races across Canada with a focus on educational, employment and empowerment opportunities.

Bay, | $ 138

All with buttons

Aritzia, arguably Vancouver's most successful fashion brand, has been doing pretty well since the first day of 1984. is. Today, it would be difficult to find a Canadian wardrobe without one of your own brands. Tna's gym kit, Wilfred's float dress, and Babaton's everyday blazer. There's a lot to love each season, but we're interested in this "suggestion" button-up shirt by Wilfred. It is made from a soft blend of linen and lyocell, an earth-friendly wood pulp-based fiber.

Aritzia, | $ 98


Founded in Stony Creek, Ontario, Baffin has been manufacturing outdoor clothing since 1979. Today, the company manufactures more than 303,000 pairs of boots annually, including this cute and waterproof "pond" style. The red of the fire truck will help you to cheer you up in this lasting rainy weather.

Vancouver, | $ 120


Vancouver designer Beth Richards has been her well-designed and well-designed for over a decade. I'm making a swimsuit. One of our favorite things about her trendy style is that it's comfortable and stylish. Please wear it as beach or daywear. A good example: This "Ines" black dress is a classic tank style that looks great on a summer skirt, made of 78% recycled polyamide and has a supportive V-wire on the front.

Beth Richards, | $ 250

Cool and hip

Who wants to get stuck in a big and heavy bag coming in the summer? Everyone — That's why this “15” hip pack by Herschel Supply in Vancouver is perfect. Founded in 2009 by Brothers Jamie and Lindon Cormac, and named after the place where three generations of the family grew up, the company is known for its backpacks and carry-alls, which are almost prevalent on planes and trains around the world. Has been done.

Herschel, | $ 37.99