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FATAH: Deconstructing Real Satanic Poetry

Author Salman Rushdie gestures during a news conference before the presentation of his book 'Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights' at the Niemeyer Center in Aviles, Spain, Oct. 7, 2015.
Writer Salman Rushdie Press conference before the presentation of his book Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights at the Niemeyer Center in Aviles, Spain, October 7, 2015. Photo/File by Eloy Alonso /REUTERS

Born in America for many in the West The attempted assassination of Salman Rushdie by Hadi Matar, a Lebanese Muslim in India, probably because the Indian-born British novelist called the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, itself a "satanic verse."

Iran's late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini angered Muslims to death worldwide after issuing 'fatwa' , they may have guessed, was this insult. In 1989, Rushdie was declared a blasphemer deserving of the death penalty. has been addressed by Islamic scholars.

As Robin Wright revealed this week in the New Yorker, the ayatollah her Khomeini son Ahmad confessed to her in Tehran in the early 1990s. did. Book.

Khomeini put Rushdie and his editors and publishers to death in every language. to kill all of them without delay. Whoever is killed for this cause will be a martyr. ” Tehran then offered a bounty, which eventually ballooned to over her $3 million.

Pakistan's reaction to the attack on Rushdie was despicable. Ali Waqar, senior correspondent for Pakistan's English-language Dawn News,tweetedthat the 24-year-old referred to Matar as "a young freedom fighter and for the dignity of the Umma [Islamic State]." We are fighting," he later deleted.

So what exactly is the truth behind the phrase "satanic verses"? The Prophet Muhammad, while preaching the words of Allah to the inhabitants of Mecca, his own tribe of Quresh, "suffered" when his own people turned their backs on him.

When he asked for divine revelation on the matter, what he got instead was from Satan about worshiping his three pagan goddesses before Islam. It was a proposal. This satisfied some followers.

According to Ibn Ishak, the Archangel Gabriel intervened and came to the Prophet and said:

"What have you done, Muhammad?" You read to these people that I did not bring you from God, and you said what God did not tell you.

"So God nullified what Satan suggested to the Prophet," concludes the biographer.

An Indian politician named Nupur Sharma crossed the ocean while Salman Rushdie was recovering from unjustified wounds in a US hospital. Workers are preparing. live in hiding. She is threatened by Islamic extremists just because she read Islamic documents about the Prophet's marriage. One day she too may face her death at the hands of another extremist.

Nonetheless, as Rex Murphy points out in his National Post column, Islamic Jihad doctrine and "Kafir" (non-Muslim or non-religious Muslims) No one dares to challenge the hatred of ).

While Rushdie recovers and Sharma hides for the rest of his life, there is gaiety among the Islamists who control parts of the Muslim world. It comes from a general, a king, an ayatollah, a gray wolf, a bearded Taliban leader with a gun, and even an ex-playboy in his 70s.

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