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First reading: Get ready for a green-haired soldier! Inside the military new dress code

Patrick Brown burns (again)

U.S. Civil War General Chris. C. Augur depicted with "unnatural" hair colour. A preview of coming attractions for the Canadian Armed Forces?
US Civil War General Chris. C. August painted with "unnatural" hair color. Preview of upcoming attractions for the Canadian Army. Photo by U. S. National Archives

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Hoop earrings and green hair could become part of military life, thanks to facial tattoos, a package of radical dress code reforms aimed at driving more young people into the Canadian army

"Some people think of this progress, others think it's unreasonable. They have to choose between changing dresses or (strongening). We need to be careful about the wrong dichotomy, "said Wayne Eyre, a top Canadian soldier, in a videoon Tuesday.

From September,There is no limit to the length of hair, including beards(new employees are also exempt from existing policies ) Have your head shaved with basic training). Face tattoos are okay unless they are racially discriminatory or gang related

Canadian Army The clothing instructions have been updated

The Canadian Army clothing instructions have been updated. This amendment gives individuals more options to support respect, diversity and inclusiveness while continuing to prioritize the operational effectiveness and safety of CAF members. These changes focus on removing barriers related to clothing choices and other aspects of a uniformed professional look. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the changes.

Posted byCanadian Army, Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Hoop Earrings , Ear spacers, eyelash extensions are fine as long as they don't interfere with "operational requirements"

And the entire dress code will be "gender neutral" .. This means thatmen will be able to issue "traditional gender items" such as skirts, nylon and wallets.

The new rules are set to remove certain prohibitions on crouching, chewing gum, or putting your hand in your pocket. Snapping gum during an official inspection is probably still no no, but service members are simply given the general instruction to "adapt themselves in a way that projects a positive military look."

Over the last few months, many Western troops have relaxed their dresscodes, but Canada's changes are at a completely different level. By September, Canadian troops will be home to NATO's most tolerant military dresscode, if not the world

A meme posted to the Canadian Forces subreddit anticipating the launch of the new dress code regulations, known internally as “Hairforgen.”
The meme posted to the Canadian Army Subreddit is "Hairforgen" internally. We are hoping for the start of a new dress code regulation known as. Photo: Reddit

In a video speech on Tuesday, Ayr states that Canada is "leading" in 21st century military attire code. I admitted a lot. "We ... consulted with our allies, who say we are a few years ahead," he said.

Last year, with the extensively advertised dress code modernization, the U.S. military lifted the ban on "minimum hair length" forfemale service members and allowed dyeing work. As long as they are "natural" hair colors and men can wear clear nail polish ("no purple, blue, pink, green, orange, bright red, fluorescent or neon colors").

In contrast, Canada has opened the door to "unnatural" hair color, unless there is an "operational adverse effect". .. As a neon color that can compromise uniform camouflage). Male service members can also sport "long finger claws" painted in a variety of potential colors.

Last year, the British Army announced a"significant" dress code change. This change allowed female soldiers to abandon their hair bangs in favor of ponytails. Braids or corners.

New Canadian regulations not only allow long hair for men, but also care about how military brass is knitted as long as you can "see" the face. I will not.

Say goodbye to these graphics. In September, one of the only things restricting hair will be whether it fits in a helmet.
Say goodbye to these graphics .. In September, one of the only restrictions on hair is whether it fits in a helmet.Pentagon photo

It was the Canadian Army still holding a dress code that hadn't changed substantially since the Second World. It was only three years ago. war. In 2019, the military removed the long-standing requirement for female soldiersto wearhigh heels and nylon while wearing uniforms. Male soldiers could sometimes wear beards and long hair, but had to have religious or ethnic reasons, such as practicing seek.

New dress regulations have been in place for months. Last November, Maj, the deputy chief of military personnel. -Gen. Lise Bourgon,first hinted at a change tothat "eliminates the choice of binary by giving members the freedom to choose the most comfortable uniform." .. In March, she confirmed thatthe new code was explicitly "gender-neutral."

Dress code changes are made in a coordinated effort to eliminate the chronic shortage of Canadian troops. The Pentagon has approximately 7,600 membersandfull power. And with a total of 65,000 people, the military is dramatically below the official goal of increasing recruitment to 101,500 by 2026.

Of course, there are many reasons for this other than the dress code. Most notably, the army has been plagued bysexual misconduct scandalsamong its supreme leaders.

Soon only Canadians may participate in NATO practice with waist-length hair and mutton chops, butThere was a short period and was almost forgotten when the "alternative" style was critical among the European army

The Dutch army was among the collectors Allowed the army to have long hair as a way to reduce their resistance. However, in order to promote a more "professional" look, the policy was revoked in the 1990s

In the 1970s the German army was a long-haired soldier. Enthusiastic about allowing hairy soldiers, but the measures were revoked within a few months after it turned out to be more prone todue to skin problems and the spread of parasites. ..

#OTD In 1971, German Defense Minister Helmut Schmidt issued a "Hairnet Ordinance" to allow soldiers to wear their hair longer. Was issued. Net at work. A 740k hair net was purchased. This led to Bundeswehr's ridicule as "the power of German hair" and the decree was overturned. pic. twitter. com / UqNLRYLj3Q

— Katja Hoyer (@hoyer_kat)February 8, 2022

Other news

Note: In today's other news section, we will clearly focus only on Patrick Brown. 

Patrick Brown's rescue from the political wilderness was destined to last for months, it turns outBrown just March After resolving a defamation case with CTV over the story of sexual misconduct, he announced his "proof". Now, his bid to the Federal Conservative leader ended after the partyclaimed to have found serious irregularities in his campaign finances. I'm not bragging about it, but the National Post first heard this story. 

Brown is not responding well to the news.In a statement,he accused Tory of actively collaborating to rig the race for front runner Pierre PoirievrePoirivel has been leading the race since its inception. Brown discovered that Tory's leadership was, and Poilievre "did not have the points to win this race." "This is a criticized, non-democratic act," he writes. Those who dislike Brown may tend to find some shadenfreude in their allegations. When Brown was the PC leader in Ontario, he was accused ofin a nomination race wherefraudulently voted.  

Over the past few years, Brown has marked time as mayor. Brumpton. But even returning to Mayor Brumpton's office may now be suspicious. On Wednesday,the majority of Brumpton city council members wrote a public letter urging them not to return to Brownwhile their mayor was running for a conservative leader {255. } Councilors claimthey "discovered financial irregularities", an irregularity of nepotism and possible back room contracts under Patrick Brown's failed leadership sex.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pose for pictures in March after a meeting in Brussels. This week, Canada became the first country to greenlight the NATO accession of both Sweden and Finland. Finland not only shares a border with Russia, but during the Second World War they fought a Soviet invasion that was very similar to the conflict now being faced by Ukraine.
Pose of Finnish Prime Minister Sannamarin and Prime Minister Justinto Ludo For a picture of March after the meeting in Brussels. This week, Canada became the first country to approve NATO membership in both Sweden and Finland. Not only did Finland border Russia, but during World War II it fought a Soviet invasion very similar to the conflict Ukraine is currently facing.Photo: Government of Finland

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