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Ford's speech to the throne says more can be done with medical staffing, but offers no new solutions

Ontario's Prime Minister Doug Ford acknowledged in Tuesday's Speech to the throne that more could be done to ease pressure on the health system, but a country-wide temporary It offered no new solutions to the problems that led to the closure of the emergency room. state.

Lieutenant Elizabeth Dowswell delivered Ford's speech from the throne to mark the start of a new legislative session, in which the Progressive Conservative government identified ideas for working with stakeholders to address the issue.

Ford has held the top spot since his 2018. In his speech, he noted what he has already done in the health sector, including adding thousands of hospital beds and nurses, investing in home and community health care, and introducing subsidies to attract health professionals to rural areas. I am advertising that and he's in remote areas, and he plans to build 30,000 new long-term care beds.

"These historic investments have helped sustain the provincial health care system through some of the most challenging times in modern history, but like health care systems across Canada, There is no doubt that we continue to face enormous pressures, such as the depletion of resources and labor shortages, and the emergency department is becoming increasingly stressed,” said Dowdeswell.

“There is more we can do. Your government is actively engaging with health system partners to identify urgent and viable solutions, and the state will be open for business during the winter surge. We will implement whatever measures are necessary to alleviate the immediate pressure while ensuring that we are ready to continue.”

This summer, Ontario's emergency departments will be operating for hours or days. Closed. Officials and advocates say the shortage of nurses is to blame. Advocates urged Ford to repeal the public sector wage control law it introduced in 2019, saying it was undermining efforts to recruit and retain nurses. begins by discussing global 'increased uncertainty' amidst COVID-19, high inflation and the war in Ukraine, particularly the impact on supply chains.

"Unprecedented spending during the pandemic is creating new fiscal challenges here in Ontario and across Canada that will require careful economic management in the months and years ahead. ' said the speech.

"These pressing financial and economic challenges cannot be underestimated or ignored. They must be faced head-on. And there are no easy solutions."

Ford's speech noted that interest rates were rising in response to high inflation, and Ontario, like other regions, prepared for a possible short-term economic slowdown. I am warning you that it is necessary.

The speech highlighted important parts of Ford's agenda, including building highways and other infrastructure, attracting investment in electric vehicle manufacturing, and a skilled trade strategy to address labor shortages. is heavily advertised.

Also, as pledged during the election, the government will increase his disability assistance payments by 5%, tying future increases to inflation, and he will also pay $225 million in direct payments. promises to renew His parents "to help their children catch up."

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 9, 2022.