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Former Saskatchewan. Premier Bloodwall gave strategic advice to the organizers of major convoys


Former Saskatchewan Prime Minister Brad Wall contacts key organizers of Freedom Convoy's anti-mission protests and strategies before and after the occupation of Ottawa begins. Advice was provided.

"Your group is likely to be provoked by rebels and it is very important that they do not feed," Wall said on February 2nd, Saskatchewan truck driver Chris Barber. Said in a text message sent to. Court records.

"Also, it is very important that those who are trying to hook the wagon to this fleet with vulgar motives and off-messages, especially racist ones, are openly and roundly criticized by the organizers.

Communication between the barber and Wall is recorded in a telephone record obtained by Otawa police in an investigation of criminal charges against a truck driver arrested on February 17.

Barbers are currently being charged with prosecution Organizer Tamara Rich committed intimidation, obstruction of police officers, and mischief, along with other charges related to the three-week occupation. He is currently on bail in Saskatchewan and is awaiting trial.

Wall, who was contacted by CTV News on Monday, declined to comment on his contact with Barber, saying: He has a relationship with his relatives and I want to keep it secret.

The document, described as a draft version of the data analysis of the barber's mobile phone's universal forensic extractor scan, is evidenced by the King on new charges prior to tomorrow's Rich bail hearing. It was submitted. She violated her previous bail conditions.

The data log contains 26 text messages between the wall and barber and 4 calls between numbers totaling over 29 minutes.

In one text, Wall proposed that the convoy declare "a kind of victory" after some states have begun to mitigate COVID-19 measures.

"I think the convoy is building an elbow room for the state to start moving away from missions," he sent a text message on February 2. Donate to GoFundMe as a "final declaration of success" and donate to veteran groups, the Salvation Army, and food banks.

On the same day, he asked the barber, "Do you think it's time to claim victory and end the occupation?"

He also told the barber that his daughter lives in Ottawa and provided her boyfriend with a cell phone number.

In one exchange, they are discussing what barbers believe is an unjustified coverage of a protest by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

"I don't see or follow the CBC," Wall sent a text message. "It's bad for my health."

Their communications protested that the federal government had imposed an emergency law that put the city in a pinch and closed some important border crossings. It seemed to end on February 7th, a week before it ended.

Wall was Prime Minister of Saskatchewan from 2007 to 2018. He is currently listed as a special adviser to the Calgary offices of law firms Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt.