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On July 4, a shooter kills six people on the rooftop suburbs of Chicago's Highland Park

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Eric Cox and Brendan O' Brian

Highland Park — A family of gunmen waving flags sitting on the roof at the parade on Monday, July 4th. Fired at children on bicycles, killing six and injuring more than 36 in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago.

According to police, the shooter used an alley ladder to climb the roof of the store. The attack turned the display of patriotic citizens into a scene of panicked mayhem.

Hours later, police announced that the suspect had been detained after 22-year-old Robert E. Climo III surrendered to authorities.

Highland Park's main street is now a block-straddling crime scene, littered with abandoned chairs and flags. Witnesses returned late Monday to retrieve strollers and other items, but were told they couldn't exceed police tapes.

"It sounded like fireworks were launched," added retired doctor Richard Kaufman, who stood opposite the place where the shooters fired, and heard about 200 bullets. ..

"It was a mess," he said. "People were stumbling upon each other and smeared with blood."

Shooting entails fresh gun violence in the hearts of many Americans.

On May 24, a man shot and killed 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, killing 19 schoolchildren and two teachers at an elementary school in Yuvarde, Texas.

Recent attacks could rekindle debate about gun control and whether more stringent measures could prevent frequent mass shootings in the United States. there is.

Police said they did not know what was the motive for the shooting at Highland Park on Monday. The injured were between the ages of 8 and 85 and included 4 or 5 children.

The New York Times named one of the dead 76-year-old Nicolas Toledo. He was in a wheelchair and didn't want to attend the parade, but due to his disability he had to be around someone full time. His family didn't want to miss the event.

"We were all shocked," said his granddaughter Xochil Toledo. "I thought it was part of the parade."

At least one of the people killed was a Mexican citizen, a senior Mexican Foreign Ministry official said on Twitter.

Online violent images

Social written by accounts that appear to be related to Klimo or Awake the Rapper, another name for his rapper. Media and other online posts are often depicted violently with images and messages. The

account showed a man with physical characteristics and facial tattoos similar to the suspect's photo released by police.

For example, one of the music videos posted on YouTube under the name Awake The Rapper showed a picture of a stickman holding a rifle in front of another person spread out on the ground. ..

Another video shows a stickman bleeding in front of a police car. Reuters couldn't confirm if the YouTube account belonged to Klimo, but the account was closed on Monday after he was nominated as a suspect.

A YouTube spokeswoman did not respond to your request for comment.

President Joe Biden said he and his wife Jill were "shocked by the meaningless gun violence that once again brought sadness to the American community on this Independence Day."

In a statement, Biden mentioned the recently signed bipartisan gun control law, but said he needed to do more, "to fight the epidemic of gun violence. I'm not going to give up. "

"Really traumatic"

Highland Park's 36-year-old native, who wanted to be identified only as Sarah, is an annual in most years since she was a child. He told Reuters that he had participated in the parade.

"I heard" pop, pop, pop, pop, pop "less than five minutes after some of the police and fire trucks in the parade passed by," she said, first. I thought it was a musket that was sometimes used in the parade.

She said, "Popping didn't stop ... she became" pop, pop, pop, pop, pop "again, and she looked back," these are gunshots, run. " She said.

According to the US Census Bureau, Highland Park has a population of 30,000, almost 90% white. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, about one-third of the population is Jewish.

After the shootings of Yuvalde and Buffalo, Congress passed a major federal gun reform for the first time in 30 years last month, a "danger signal" aimed at removing guns from those considered dangerous. Provided federal funding to the states that enforce the law.

The law does not prohibit the sale of assault-style rifles or large magazines, but by allowing access to information about serious crimes committed by boys, how many background checks We are taking such measures.

(Report by Brendan O'Brien and Eric Cox, Additional Report by Caroline Stauffer in Chicago, Written by Kanishka Singh, Chris Gallagher, David Brunnstrom, Chris Bing, Carlsbad, CA, Daniel Trotta, David Brunnstrom And Lisa Shumkaer; edited by Mary Milliken, Noeleen Walder, Bill Berkrot)