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Garth Brooks is excited to attract fans to Edmonton.

Take a walk in a room full of reporters and cameramen in hoodies and ball caps, smile big and warm, and think of the man who is arguably the most famous voice in {. Not allowed. 3} Country musicwas one of the crew.

But whether it's the façade of a veteran performer or the real seriousness,Garth Brooksseems to be his best friend. In Edmonton.

"As you know, I think Edmonton is the same everywhere you enjoy it. It's people." He sits on the edge of the stage and talks to reporters on Friday afternoon. I said for a while.

"And these people don't just appear. They appear ready to play and appear with hope."

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Garth Brooks speaks to journalists before a concert in Edmonton, Alta. Friday, June 24, 2022.Global News

Brooks is not a stranger to Edmonton. In 2017, he didn't sell out at all — not a couple of times, but nine concerts with his wife Trishayawood at Rogers Place: “Every of these nights were terrible.”

In total, about 160,000 fans attended these shows five years ago. He said the level of dedication raises the bar for him and his crew.

Brooks said the 2017 show also raised expectations for spectators to appear at the Commonwealth Stadium on Friday and Saturday nights.

The sold-out show in Edmonton is the only Canadian date for a tour that takes him all over the United States and ends in Dublin, Ireland.

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Brooks said he wanted a polite but energetic crowd, adding that fans had some sincerity.

"They know the inside and outside of country music.

Music brings back memories, Brooks said, his goal is to bring the show from a concert. He explained that it was a quick transition to a large party of 61,000 people.

Garth Brooks was excited about his second show at Edmonton – May 11, 2022

Brooks says his goal is to love each other more than when people left the Commonwealth Stadium and entered. It's not an easy task because we already love each other. "

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Together, Brooks said, with people who might or might not have something in common with music.

"Maybe if they were in the same room, they wouldn't agree with anything, but they have friends in low places, with their arms crossed, right next to the river.

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Brooks said he would record the audience at the concert and listen to the audience singing along theriver."I've been doing this for 100 years, right. And when that happens, I still cry like a baby, so I think it's a fun thing I'm looking forward to.

The stadium tour actually started in 2019, but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brooks said it was right to cancel the tour, but he added that he is now very excited about the tour.

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Edmonton's company expects a boost at the Garth Brooks concert

There is nothing comparable to live performances, he said, adding that "1,000 percent" is supplying the energy of the crowd.

He said he learned lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic, where live concerts were not possible, so it was replaced by a drive-in show in the United States. Brooks has put together a concert that was filmed. He said an estimated 750,000 people attended drive-in cinemas across the United States.

"All you have to do is play into the camera," he said, explaining that the songs and cheers of the fans make a difference to him as a performer.

He also said that it was only part of bringing the show to life. He co-starred with Blake Shelton in Boise, Idaho when they encountered technical difficulties.

"Blake Shelton surprises us with thedive bar. Everyone knows it's coming and the sound system starts to ring and disappear. Now you're these In front of all people. Now you understand what you are without your crew.

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It's important to remember that Commonwealth Stadium has a clear bag policy for those who go to concerts. Please refrain from see-through handbags and clutch bags.

Preparations for the Garth Brooks concert in Edmonton are well underway

The city of Edmonton operates a park-and-ride with the stadium, however. , Edmonton Elks, as well as during the match, at 6 locations, a round-trip fare for a special event costs $ 6.

  • Oak Claire Lot
  • NAIT Lot A / B and D (109 Street and 118 Avenue)
  • Calder City Lot (124 Street and 124 Avenue)
  • Davies City Lot (86 Street and 61 Avenue)
  • Lewis Farms (1021 Webber Greens Drive)
  • Mill Woods Town Center (66 Street and 23 Avenue)

Park and Ride service at all Commonwealth Stadiums opens 2 hours in advance The event will start and end when the stadium is cleared after the event.

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