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Greens pitch unconventional leadership race featuring video games and open mic night

Canada's Green Party is proud to play politics differently, and the upcoming leadership election seems poised to accommodate that approach.

While the party has not abandoned traditional events like debates, Canadians are vying for candidates to compete in  popular online party games like . You can also seeQuiplash and Trivia Murder Party during the upcoming campaigns.

From game nights to open mic sessions, party members find creative ways to test candidates while learning who will be the new leaders of the green. Selling.

In a brainstorming session on Sunday, the leadership contest organizer discussed how the party could host the "best event" during the race when his campaign officially kicked off on Aug. 31. I heard your suggestion. 

One speaker suggested hosting a game night for candidates on the online platform Jackbox Games . 

Jan Slakov, one of Sunday's presenters, said, ``How they react to challenges shows how they react in unexpected situations.

Video Games and North American Politics is  Twitch's Online Gaming Site Not unheard of among politicians who campaigned in the United States, moreover, the Greens allowed parliamentary votes to be free, experimented with direct democracy, and campaigned on trains and electric cars rather than chartered planes. 

The party also takes principled stances on public policy. Earlier, he has defended issues that have come to define Canada's place in the world, such as marriage equality, cannabis legalization and carbon pricing. 

"Political Theater" Concerns about making

It remains to be seen whether the party's leadership organizing committee will consider these unorthodox campaign ideas, including opportunities for candidates to make policy presentations. Specific discussion of indigenous issues and implementation of indigenous reconciliation projects in communities.

"In our view, reconciliation is essential," said presenter Adrian Currie, party leader of the Ontario Federal Council.

However, at least one of the potential candidates who submitted the application stated that some proposals, such as holding an informal social event, did not send the right message. said.

"We are a federal party. It's like an open mic night to showcase your talent. It's like he's a degree away from a swimsuit contest," he said. said Jutt. 

"Aren't we the ones who say, 'There is too much political drama going on?' We are literally creating political drama."

During a brainstorming session on Sunday, organizers of the leadership contest, when formally campaigning, said the party would consider the "best event" during the race. I heard suggestions on how to hold a (Zoom)

Future Candidate Anna Keenan Will Play Video Her Game As Long As The Game Is Included In The Campaign I do not object. A traditional event.

"I'm an older millennial, so I get down about everything," Keenan told CBC. 

"It could be revolutionary. It can push people out of their comfort zones.I don't think it hurts to try."

"Canada's Fairest Leadership Contest"

57} The Green Party has opened its Sunday brainstorming session to members and journalists. Natalie Odd, co-chair of the Leadership Committee and the party's Alberta Commonwealth Council representative, acknowledged that the party is taking risks. We'll show you what we're doing," said Odd. "I think there will be mistakes. Some ideas will fly, some ideas will drop, and that's okay." 

He said he can expect a leadership campaign that is characterized by inclusivity, innovation.

"This is intended to be Canada's fairest leadership competition, most open leadership competition, and most technologically advanced leadership competition," she said.

Odd says the Green Party is extending the application period for potential candidates belonging to the group seeking equity} — from until 14 August 2022 for her.

The Communist Party has not disclosed how many people have so far applied for leadership elections, or how many of those applicants represent groups seeking shares.

At least four Greens have confirmed their intention to appear on CBC News. They include Najib Jat, Anna Keenan, Jonathan Pedno, and Chad Walcott.

Walcott and Keenan confirm running together on a slate proposing a joint leadership model.

Penault and former leader Elizabeth May plan to do the same, according to sources who have not been authorized to speak publicly. has not confirmed to CBC News News .