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Gunter: Liberal-funded handbooks for school children are publicity


According to the websiteBlacklock's Reporter, on Wednesday the federal cabinet was $ 250,000 to create a promotion for school children that a group called Canada's Anti-Hate Network wants. Approved. Demonstrate the Canadian Conservative Party as a hotbed for white supremacists and other racists.

The next publication of the group to confront and prevent hatred in Canadian schoolsis distributed to young people across the country and sees Canada's pre-1965 flag. I am urging you. , Red Ensign claims that racists have infiltrated the Conservative Party of Canada twice, not once, as a symbol of hatred.

And if students hear other kids saying good (or not critical) about Donald Trump at school, they make them mice to teachers. It has become.

Why do we spend taxpayer money on something that promotes such an apparently biased position? (And how is it "anti-hate" to claim that right-wing citizens are likely to be racists?)

This guide is from Canada's "Progressiveism". A clear example of the reflexive prejudice of "people".

They truly see themselves as the only enlightened class in the country. Therefore, those who disagree with their worldview must have a dark motivation. In the

guide, this self-importance is clear. In some places, the network cites its own website (paid with federal grants) as a source of evidence that conservatives are racists and white supremacists.

Not surprisingly, Minister of Diversity Ahmed Hussen said the anti-hate network is "an organization I admire very much." He added that the group's toolkit for students "provides students with the tools to make the right decisions when reacting to real-world situations."

Apparently the "right decision" is to silence the enemy by labeling them as racists and remember to vote for liberals at the age of 18.

As you may remember in 2011, when the Harper administration revised the Citizenship Guide for New Canadians, the Liberal Party announced that female genital mutilation, He strongly opposed Tory, using the term "barbaric" to describe honor killings and homosexual attacks, and told immigrants that such practices violated Canadian values.

I argue that the Anti-Hate Network Handbook is much worse than its citizenship guide.

Now, almost at the same time, the Cabinet will put together a bunch of your cash and pay for a brochure that will summon most of the potential racists in Canadians based on their political views. Think about what you did. The Canadian Islamic Association (MAC) will start Canada Day in Toronto.

According to National Post's Terry Glavin, MAC conference speakers should have a leader who believes gays should be put to death and the right of men to beat their wives. Includes leaders who think they are. ..

Yet another speaker has in the past claimed that Christian Arabs, who protect Jews from murderers, are traitors of their race.

The Liberal Government has a completely subjective and distorted view of those who promote and do not promote racism in Canada.

Finally, consider the case of Alberta rancher Lin Hoff's Thunder. At the Rodeo Parade in a small town last weekend, Hoff boarded an unauthorized float.

Floats were amateurish, perhaps even crude oil. A tractor driven by someone in Justin Trudeau's mask pulling a liberal-colored fertilizer spreader with a man dressed as Jagmeet Singh.

Shin's masquerade was a bit tasteless (but not worse than Trudeau's own numerous blackface appearances), but it was satire. As Hoff explained to CTV, "It was racist at the end. If the NDP party leader was a blonde woman, I would have been there. It's the Seek community. It had nothing to do with. "

Still, the towns of Hoff and Thunder were widely criticized. Politicians of all kinds blamed them.

Many elite Canadians have a strange one-sided view of racism.

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