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Gunter: Liberals Miss the Point with Ridiculous Online Surveillance

An Alberta RCMP detachment.
Alberta RCMP detachment. Photo by File Photo

RCMP's use of spyware to track mobile phones, laptops, and tablets is completely It may have been right. Presumably, they used only specially trained investigators who knew how to walk the very tricky line between legitimate investigations and invasion of privacy.

Perhaps they are not snooping through regular Canadian emails, photos, videos, recorded conversations, bank records, and electronic documents. They may not have your computer or phone's camera and microphone turned on (enabled by spyware) to see or hear what you are doing.

Anyway, with most Canadians, I can't imagine you doing something they want to surreptitiously monitor. (Except maybe a little role-playing game you and your spouse play when the kids go out with their friends on Saturday nights.)

And perhaps Mounty actually does anti-crypto software? Only 10 he used. And as they claim, all of these cases involved highly sophisticated criminal or terrorist suspects, and in all cases they asked a judge for a warrant before they started snooping.

There are still many Canadians who do not believe in the comfort of the RCMP.

This case is why objectivity, honesty and candor are essential for the National Police. It's not just the old Dudley Doo Wright vestiges that make the Mounties impeccable.

If the Cavalry can't be trusted to survive corruption or political interference, they say, ``Trust us, trust us. They were just spying.”

For example, the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting investigation into Gabriel Wortman was jeopardized by liberal governments promoting a ban on offensive weapons. They lose a lot of credibility when the Mounties show they are willing to help. A credibility that many Canadians now cannot believe when they claim to act responsibly against spyware.

The Liberal Party's gun control laws are ineffective, burdensome, infringing, and have done great damage to the image of the police, especially the RCMP.

Most liberal gun controls – long gun registrations, high river gun grabs, bans on so-called assault weapons, and more recently handgun bans – have been completely pointless. As far as the question goes, the problem lies almost entirely with drug dealers using guns smuggled out of the U.S. Gun owners, not criminals, are asking Lib's voting base where the real gun problem lies. I'm sure you don't know and are indifferent.

Liberals believe that attacks on the rights of law-abiding gun owners are as effective in securing their base as any campaign to root out bona fide gun criminals. I have proven one thing over and over again. In fact, in a twisted world of "progressive" logic, it can be even more popular because real crime management can be seen as racist or politically incorrect.

The last 30 years of liberal gun control were government initiatives, not RCMPs. However, goodwill between gun owners and the Mounties was shredded as the Mounties were left to enforce these unjust, undesirable and unpopular laws.

Present , the RCMP needs the public to believe that the military is not using spyware to monitor anyone adhering to Trudeau's line, but the military is already enforcing gun control laws and enforcing en masse. He has been arrested and is chewing up a lot of trust. Legitimate protesters at international summits and elsewhere, so many Canadians have not left it to give the RCMP the benefit of the doubt.

Also Marco Mendicino It doesn't help that you are His Excellency. He also has no personal credit to lend to the cavalry, as his recent remarks about the justification to invoke the Emergency Act have been shown to be complete hoaxes.

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