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Heavy rains and floods encourage evacuation of the suburbs of Sydney

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SYDNEY (AP) — Thousands of residents on the outskirts of Sydney evacuate their homes on Sunday after heavy rains flood and flood rivers in what authorities have called a life-threatening emergency. Was told.

The Meteorological Bureau has flooded and winded up to 90 km (55 miles) per hour along the coast of Australia's most populous city and other parts of New South Wales. Issued a severe weather warning against. ..

Officials said the Warragambadam in western Sydney began to flood overnight, with peak spills comparable to the devastating floods of March last year.

Many suburban residents were ordered to evacuate, but Emergency Services Minister Steph Cooke said he didn't have to wait for people to leave. rice field.

"If you're feeling anxious or anxious about your situation and have the opportunity to leave early, you don't necessarily have to wait for an evacuation order," she said.

According to the emergency service, 29 flood rescues have been carried out in the last 24 hours and shelters have been opened in some areas of western Sydney.

Approximately 100 Australian Defense Force personnel helped raise sandbags and knock on doors to warn of flood threats.

Hazard Preparation and Response Manager of the Meteorological Bureau said Jane Golding said that the coastal valleys would be prolonged after Friday while the low pressure system on the east coast was being formed on the north-central coast.

"This has caused unusual rainfall rates in the last 24 hours. We have seen values ​​up to 200 mm in many places and close to 300 mm in some places," she says. increase. Rainfall is almost half of Sydney's annual average.

People were told to avoid non-essential trips, including public transportation. Some roads are already underwater and others are at risk of sudden flash flooding.