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I'm going again here: Strike makes the British train on the third day roar

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Jill Lawless

London (AP) — The train station is mostly UK on Saturday as the third day of the National Strike screamed at millions of weekend plans. It became unmanned all over the country. ..

The railroad company has been on the biggest and most devastating railroad strike in the UK for 30 years, with about 40,000 cleaners, traffic lights, maintenance workers and station staff quitting their jobs, resulting in five minutes of passenger service. I said that only one will run.

The same worker went on strike 24 hours a day on Tuesday and Thursday, fighting over work, wages and working conditions.

The Rail, Shipping and Transport Union is calling for a significant salary increase as workers face pressure on their living expenses amid high inflation over 40 years. Railroad companies, meanwhile, are trying to reduce costs and personnel two years after government emergency funds have surfaced them during a pandemic.

Coalition Secretary Mick Lynch said railroad workers would not accept being "thrown into the scrap heap after being praised as a hero during COVID," and more strikes will occur in the summer. Warned that there is a possibility.

"If we can't reach an agreement, or if companies overcome the threat of making people redundant, we won't hesitate to take more industrial action," he said. I told the news.

The Conservative government claims not to be involved in a union dispute between 13 private train operating companies and a government-owned national rail infrastructure company.

However, the union has accused the government of abandoning negotiations by preventing employers from improving the 3% salary increase so far. Inflation in the UK reached 9.1% in May as consumer demand surged after the pandemic, while the Russian war in Ukraine squeezed the supply of energy and food staples.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said railroad passenger numbers have returned to only 75% of pre-pandemic levels and "reform, improvement and modernization of railroad work styles" is needed. Said.

He also warned that a significant salary increase would create a spiral in wage prices and further increase inflation.

Trade unions have instructed the country to support more as workers face the worst cost of living pressures in more than a generation. British Airways workers at Heathrow have resolved to strike during the summer holiday season, lawyers are planning a strike starting next week, and unions representing teachers and postal workers will consult with members about possible actions. It's a schedule.