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Indonesian schools help students recite the Quran in sign language

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YOGYAKARTA — Concerns Clergy Abdul Kafi has set up an Islamic boarding school to help Indonesian students with disabilities learn and cite Koran's scriptures using religious language, as they tend to overlook religious education. ..

The Darul A'shom School, which opened in Yogyakarta in central Java in 2019, currently has 12 staff and is 7-28 years old from the world's largest Muslim-dominated country. I teach 115 students.

Abdul hopes that schools will make it easier for future generations to learn about Islam.

"Today, hearing-impaired adults have little knowledge of religion because they have never learned about religion since school age," said the priest. He pointed out that his interest in schools spread rapidly.

In Indonesia, the public school curriculum provides limited religious education to children with special needs starting at age 8 or 9, rather than kindergarten as for many other students. To do.

According to a UNICEF survey, only 3 out of 10 children with disabilities in Indonesia can attend school.

Hearing impaired students usually recite the Quran at school and it takes about five years to learn to recite it.

"Now I can read and remember the 30 Juz's (parts) of the Koran," said Muhammad Farhad, a 10-year-old student. He said he wanted to be a priest someday. He passes on his knowledge to others.

Indonesia has tens of thousands of Islamic boarding schools and other religious schools, often providing the only way for children in poor families to be educated. (Report by Budi Satriawan in Yogyakarta, edited by Ed Davies and Emeria Sithole-Matarise)