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Inquiries to analyze the cancellation of the Montreal Pride Parade

The mayor met with organizers on Monday night and a contract was signed for an independent investigation.

People walk along Sherbrooke St. E. in Montreal Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022, during a protest march that was made after the Pride Parade was cancelled.
People walking down Sherbrooke Street, Montreal, Sunday, August 8 On July 7, 2022, Pride during a protest march after his parade was cancelled. Photo by John Kenney /Montreal Gazette

Last minute photo of the Montreal Pride Parade on Sunday The cancellation, was confirmed by a spokesperson for the mayor's office.

Mayor Valerie Plante and members of his cabinet met with organizers of his Pride of Montreal Monday evening. Among them were director Simon Gamache and president of the board Mo Amandi.

"The purpose of the meeting was to ensure the success of the upcoming event and to restore public confidence in the organization and its partners," said city spokesperson Catherine Cadot. told the Montreal Gazette on Tuesday.

“To do so, the mayor made her expectations very clear.

The organizers of the Montreal Pride are asking about 80 They announced the cancellation hours before the parade was due to start on Sunday morning due to a shortage of 100 volunteers, and they later said the decision meant that about 100 paid staff would be required to clear the parade route. The situation left many revelers and floats stranded downtown without an event. In any event, two spontaneous parades were held for him.

An agreement in principle was reached at a Monday evening meeting, but details have yet to be finalized. A person to lead the investigation will be named in the coming days, Cadotte said.

The survey aims to "understand how we got here," she said. “In our analysis, we look not only at the decision [to cancel the parade], but also at the decision-making process.”

The research goes further, examining organizational structure and day-to-day operations. .

"This could be an analysis of how Montreal Pride is managed, relationships with partners, communication processes, finances, etc.," she explained Cadotte.

Plante said that Montreal Pride is an important celebration for her LGBTQ+ community and all Montreal citizens, and that Montreal Pride her parade and related events contribute to Montreal's reputation, according to Cadotte. Diversity in the city.

"It's a great time to celebrate the rights of the LGBTQ+ community," she said Cadotte. "That's why it's important to restore public confidence."

Plante said at a press conference on Sunday she was disappointed to learn the parade had been cancelled. .

"I can assure you from the city that if we had known before, if they knew they lacked the means, we would have had the strength [to make it happen].

"I feel frustrated and disappointed," the mayor added. "I love Pride. I'm proud that Montreal is a city that is friendly to her LGBTQAI2+ community." I hope that it will lead to "recommended recommendations". Her Cabinet will propose a candidate to lead the investigation this week.

"It is important not only that the person has the necessary qualifications, but also that they understand and are sensitive to the realities of the LGBTQ+ community," she said Cadotte.

Her emphasized goal is to "ensure that future editions of Montreal Pride are successful and have the right mechanisms in place to reach the pinnacle of expectations. Montreal

Montreal Pride said in a statement sent to the Gazette on Tuesday, "To clarify the circumstances that led to the cancellation of Sunday's Pride parade, and to a greater extent rebuild the parade. An independent investigation will be conducted." Trust in the community and Montreal.

The organization said it would await the outcome of the investigation before commenting further on the situation.

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