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Letter to the Sun, July 5, 2022: Affordable Puzzles

The answer to Metro's affordability problem can't just be "build, build, build."
Affordable metro The answer to is not just "build, build, build". Photo: Jason Payne /PNG

Vancouver housing, especially about problems increase. Affordable. To its honor, Sun sponsored a panel by some of Vancouver's leading players in housing, including Government Minister of Housing David Eby and Bob Rennie in the development industry.

Unfortunately, no real idea for improving affordability was presented other than the traditional knowledge of "build, build, build".

It's hard to understand how continuing to build new rental properties addresses the issue of affordability. Indeed, more rentals should help increase availability. But at about $ 4 per square foot (the rate of progress of new rents at Fairview), this isn't affordable. This rate means 500 square feet. The cost of the studio is $ 2,000 per month. Assuming one-third of the income goes to the shelter, the lessor of this small unit needs to earn over $ 70,000 a year.

Still, there are other ideas "there" that don't seem to be discussed by the government, city, or mainstream media.

One example is that the land is provided by the owner (in this case UBC, but both the city and the state own the land) on a 99-year lease. It is a "UBC model". However, leases are initially structured so that the rent reflects the cost of the building, not the land. After the mortgage is repaid, for example 25 years later, the remaining years will be used to repay the land. This seems to reduce rental costs by about 20%.

Other ideas promoted by people such as Patrick Condon at UBC are considering affordable zoning. This is being attempted in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Berkeley, California. -Effective rentals can be developed in wooden low-rise buildings in the Broadway plan area.

There is an urgent need for discussion of "build, build, build" alternatives.

One approach is another panel discussion on "affordable puzzles", but this time scholars (Patrick Condon, Andy Yan, etc.), urban planners (David Ley, Larry Beasley, etc.). Includes a mixture of. And someone in the development industry (maybe Bob Lenny) to continue the discussion based on the current reality.

Seminars like this provide a lot of value for discussions on how to make Vancouver affordable again.

Jack Habart, Vancouver 

Rebuild Lytton Properly

Re: Many homes and infrastructure in Lytton Summer to be rebuilt by the next day: Minister

This report on the late restoration of Lytton's ice age states: I will install it.

How did the wildfire destroy the underground water and sewage system? Has the state started a long-term upgrade of its water and sewerage system under the guise of disaster recovery? If so, refugees will be compensated for prolonged temporary accommodation.

In addition, the Canadian Press article states that Lytton will be rebuilt as a "fireproof and energy efficient community."

I sincerely agree to make Lytton resilient to future mountain fires, but on the roof while the state is building a $ 20 billion hydropower plant. What is the purpose of installing solar panels and wind turbines in the yard? Power plant.

New Lytton homes have zero greenhouse gases emitted by electric heat pumps (for heating and cooling), kitchen stoves, water heaters (and level 2 chargers in all garages) I admire you.

Derek Wilson, Port Moody

Climate, detective, phone

10 years ago, I moved to the city It's just over 10,000. All changes were dramatic in a positive sense. Creeping on that scenario was a subtle change at first. It was raining more in the winter I enjoyed. My garden began to suffer from a more variable growing season. The frequency and magnitude of forest fires has been regularly in the news, along with floods affecting transport corridors and local food production.

In a broader context, the number of extreme weather events is said to have not changed much, but its intensity has certainly changed. Like a detective, the relevant science has examined possible explanations for this apparent global change in climate dynamics and, like a thorough detective, concluded that rising average global temperature is a major factor. rice field. That's not the only case. It was determined that the real cause of the heating was an increase in GHG emissions. Curiously, victims of these changes are often slow to admit that they have been climatically attacked or even criminalized.

The assault of these is unaffected, so the perpetrator is more likely to re-offend. Is there a "climate 911"? I have called the Conference of the Parties 26 times and only get the same recordings. "Don't hang up. COP27 will be held soon and you can answer the phone." Well, should I stay on the line?

Ron Robinson, Nelson

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