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Lily: Ford strives to make homes affordable again

Premier Doug Ford is working on a plan to make buying a home affordable again
Prime Minister Doug Ford

Ford government plans to make homes affordable again

We aim to make a difference by working with companies that build Zoning laws that make housing more affordable. Housing, an important part of the government's speech to the throne, is also a file Prime Minister Doug Ford has a personal interest in.

Government on affordable housing When we speak, it's usually affordable rental housing or some form of rent-linked housing strategy. Ford has promised to ensure that this type of home is built, but it also promises that buying a home will become feasible again.

Plans are still being finalized, according to discussions with senior government officials, but states are considering partnering with the federal government and are looking at what other jurisdictions are doing. While officials at Ford's office and Steve Clark's local government office are investigating what's happening in the United States, they're also looking back at programs that were used here in Ontario decades ago.

In his one such program, my parents bought his first home in his early 70's, just a few years after immigrating to Canada. I was able to do. The house wasn't fancy, it didn't have a finished basement, and the kitchen countertops weren't quartz or granite, but they got the job done.

It is this kind of model that Ford is looking to replicate to suit his 2022 needs and realities rather than his 1973.

"Dirt is the biggest expense," said one official. about the price of land.

Details are still being finalized, but the Ford government aims to make rural land available for housing development, a fact confirmed in Tuesday's royal address.

In a speech outlining the government's agenda, the government said: for more families.

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Among the options under consideration is building a house on a concrete pad instead of digging a basement or foundation. By building, you may be able to reduce the cost. We are also interested in working with residential housing companies. Houses are built indoors in modular segments and delivered in one piece to the foundation or quickly assembled from several modular parts at the housing site.

When my parents purchased his first home under a government program nearly 50 years ago, they had to meet certain income requirements. I needed enough income to buy a house, but not high enough to buy one easily. without government help.

The Berrisfield neighborhood in the mountains east of Hamilton was filled with rustic homes inhabited by working-class families. Many of them were immigrants like my parents, but it was a generational boost.Homeownership can take a family from hardship to prosperity and the next generation to success.

This is why, for decades, governments of all kinds have helped ordinary Canadian families achieve this goal.

In 2012, the average resale value of a home in Toronto was $497,000, now it's around $1.3 million. This rate of increase far exceeds the inflation rate of the last decade. Prices in other parts of the state are lower, but many areas are seeing sharp increases as well.

This has made homeownership unattainable, wages have not risen as much as house prices, and the ability to save for a down payment has diminished. All of this could change if Ford's plan is executed correctly.

He needs to get local authorities, developers and builders on board, which may be one of the most important tasks his government will undertake in the years to come.

Let's hope he succeeds at all costs.

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