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Manitoba spent more than $40 million on private nursing institutions last year

The Government of Manitoba is paying for nurses from private agencies to addressan ongoing shortage of nursesacross the state. , costs tens of millions of dollars annually.

The use of private agencies is not new and helps solve ongoing staffing problems, but it comes at a huge cost.

Manitoba spent more than $14 million on agency nurses in 2017/2018, according to data obtained by Global News through . The number will swell to over $40 million in 2021/2022. Shared Health

“Staffing challenges will drive agency nursing from 2% of total statewide nursing staff costs in 2015/16 to more than 4% in 2021/22. According to Shared Health,” a Shared Health spokesperson said in an email.

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Manitoba Nurses Union said she saw many nurses choose to leave the public system and work entirely through agencies.

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"This is an incredible cost to employers. An incredible cost to this government.

Jackson said many nurses have chosen to work part-time in hospitals and other health care facilities, supplementing their income through higher-paid agency work, it added.

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I work part way with an agency, and so many nurses have chosen that path," Jackson said.

Region2017/182018/192019 /202020/212021/222022/23 1Q
Northern$2,208,644}, 83$4,014,035$6,504,036$10,350,959$2,039,123
PMH$5,144,634$7,126,420$8,592,590$8,592,590$8,592,590$8,592,590 95} Shared Health$0$60,828$8,571$0
Southern $1,601,470$1,682,547$2,679,727$2,293,853$6,441,555$1,514,975
WRHA $1,770,437$1,820,551$5,305,171 {$3,224,804$4,198,282$672,107

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Registered Nurses Monique Shampoo and Carolyn Harnham Years ago Unity Heal He founded thcare Solutions Inc., but he says the shortage of nurses has been going on for decades.

"We've seen it coming. We're in it. We're in the middle of it. COVID has accelerated this whole demand." Shampoo said.

Their company works with about 300 nurses and paramedics, employed as private contractors, but cannot keep up with the daily demand at the agency. .

"Honestly, I think he gets over 1,000 emails a day," he says Harnum.

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Harnam said many nurses are leaving because they want flexibility and a better work-life balance.

"People are burning out," she said. "People are forced to work. They can't go home, they have to."

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Filling the void is not limited to Manitoba No, but the state would like to reduce the amount of money spent that way.

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"I hope that number goes down in terms of the funds being used," she said. Told.''

Gordon said that the government would like to see more qualified nurses in the public health sector.

"We offer different types of training and other incentives within the health care system, such as intensive care units." We are looking at providing, establishing state float pools and self-scheduling," Gordon said Wednesday.

She also said she hopes to work with unions and nurses to find solutions that make the industry more attractive and help retention. want the public system to be very attractive to them, but we need to listen to them about what needs to be done about the changes to make that happen,” she said. said.

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