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Mariners Jesse Winker continues to look for Angels vs. Groove

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The Seattle Mariners will wipe out a three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday afternoon in Anaheim, California. Left fielder Jesse Winker begins to hit like the player he thought he got when the club traded. He in March.

Winker and third baseman Eugenio Suarez were exchanged for prospects from the Cincinnati Reds during spring training, and the Mariners won 24 home runs and a .305 winker with .950 OPS last season. I'm expecting.

But he struggled early on, and when the Mariners sat him down on June 14, he was hitting .206 with four Homers. However, in the 11 games since the day off, Winker seems to have turned the corner. He walked 2-4, including a 5-3 victory over the Angels on Saturday, hitting .387 (31-12) in 11 walks, 4 extra-base hits and 5 multi-hit games.

"It was a new division for me, a new aspect of the country, and a chance to take a break and take part in a baseball game," Winker said. "That was good for me."

Mariners manager Scott Survey seems to agree that Winker only needed a day to clean his head.

"His confidence is back, he's not overly shaken," Servais said. "He feels really good .... He knows he'll go if he just squares it."

Winker was still taking a walk while struggling. He leads the American League with 48.

"Whenever the on-base percentage is high, it's worth it, and Jesse leads the league. Walk," Servais said. "He swings on the right pitch, but eventually he has to start squaring some balls. He's having a hard time returning to himself and is now heading in the right direction."

Left-handed Marco Gonzales (4-7, 3.33 ERA) is on the mound for Seattle to get off to a 15th start of the season. He won his recent start when he gave up two runs and seven hits in seven innings in Auckland last Tuesday.

Gonzales is 9-2 and will start 3.44 ERA against the Angels in his 18 careers. He has also won nine athletics wins, the most against any team.

Gonzales was successful against the Angels, but wasn't very lucky to play against the Angels center-fielder Mike Trout. Mike Trout hits .371 (35 to 13) with three home runs and three home runs.

However, Mas often attacked the Mariners, no matter who the pitcher was. His home run on Friday night was the 53rd in his career against them and passed Rafael Palmeiro the most by his Mariners opponents. It was his 99th extra-base hit, overtaking Palmeiro to his opponent's record. He added number 100 (triple) later in the match on Friday.

Trout was so good against the Mariners that the next AL was 8 of Friday's one-run game, even though he was defending MVP Shohei Ohtani. I decided to walk him intentionally at times.

"He walks in that situation with Lighty (the mound and Otani deadlines come)," said Angels Interim Manager Phil Nevin. "It's just a trouty and how good he is."

In Saturday's match, Trout deliberately walked nine times. His run represents Thai Ingran. In both cases, when Otani retired, the move went well for the Mariners.

On Sunday, left-handed Jose Suarez (0-2, 5.00) departs for Los Angeles. He was 3-1 against the Mariners, scoring 3.68 ERA in eight appearances (seven starts).

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