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Michigan Police apologize for using a photo of a black man to practice the target

Michigan Police Chief seeks forgiveness after it is revealed that troops are targetingblack male imagesat shooting ranges ..

The photo was shared on Facebook last month bylawyer Dionne Webster-Cox. She said she was posting images on behalf of her family members who were on her {tour. 10} Farmington Hills Police Stationas part of a Boy Scout field trip.

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One of the pictures shows a hanging target of a black man with a weapon. Children are depicted swarming around one of thetargets.

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"This community doesn't need overly aggressive police officers who want to change their privileges," Webster- Cox said in a Facebook post. "No matter how many defenses police provide to justify this case, it is ignorant that school children and adults will be exposed to this practice."

Webster-Cox said the family who sent the photo. He said he didn't share the identity of, but said he asked CNN-affiliated WXYZ to "speak on their behalf."

Police chief Jeff King apologized at a city council meeting last week.

"Iput this on my chin, apologize to everyone in this room, this community, my department, my city council, my city manager." He said, according to CNN.

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"Can't overlook this, but I promise you this, this makes us stronger, this makes us better, this makes us more transparent, And this community as a whole will be better for this. "

Guardians say that the use ofin the depiction iscompliant with the Michigan State Legal Enforcement Standards Commission for training. The target used is 85% white and 15% cent black.

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Farmington Hills Police Officer Kevin Clark uses WXYZ targets and uses images of racialized people, saying police officers shoot black, white, and gray targets, which police officersimplicit prejudiceHelps you get over it.

Report of the All-Party Committee on Police Targets Systematic Racism – April 28, 2022

"I { By a particular race, gender, age, or anything of this kind who has never been trained to shoot 75}, "Clark said.

The parents of the excursion told the outlet that they had a different perspective.

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"What you see here isactually a black man in a hoodieand actually has a gun. He's actually a black man. Not black, gray, or white, "they said.

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Farmington Hills City said in a Facebook statement after "Comprehensive Review" There are 11 white targets and 2 black targets in the department.

King apologized to the Scouts at a council meeting last week "for not providing a complete explanation of these goals." In addition, he said he would order an immediate legal review of the training system and goals to complete before the fall training cycle.

Mayor Vicky Burnett told CNN that thetarget was removedwhile the city was reviewing.

"It is said that there are reasons why these images are used to address potential training bias, but it is important to understand the complete context in which they are used. I believe, "she said. “We also compare training practices with local governments and provide the community with a complete report on the findings.”

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