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Montreal Pencil Artist for Autism with a mission to spread awareness of neurodiversity

A typical Casey Vormer day consists of hours of painting.

He uses pencils to create photorealistic art of everything he finds interesting, mainly around animals.

Recently, he has made the greatest effort ever. He is a portrait of the city of Montreal, which, when viewed from Mount Royal, took a total of 830 hours to complete.

"I attach great importance to detail," Vormer said. "So I'm focusing on the details. Instead of drawing a building, I just draw one window, another window, another window at a time. And you have this building."

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Vormer says he pays attention to details The ability to hyperfocus comes from his autism.

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He said he grew up in the Netherlands, he always felt different. Social interaction was difficult and he was often bullied.

After moving to Montreal nearly 10 years ago and making his new start, he began painting and eventually began selling and commissioning his work.

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Around that time, he met Tamara Fender. Tamara Fender helped bring his work to an art exhibition.

"I was just surprised when I met him, worked with him, and saw his work," she said. "Some of the things he can capture in his art are powerful and very profound."

Vormer is the artist nameRemrov, social such as TikTok. He uses the media platform to disseminate information about his artwork.

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65,000 followers, his video also helps educate and raise awareness about his neurodiversity.

They always emphasize the fact that he is not just a pencil painter, but an autistic pencil painter.

"People with autism can certainly prosper and become part of society," he said. "And I think it's important to convey that message."

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Vormer says his { The 62} websitesells both original, print and commissioned artwork.

The paintings of downtown Montreal have already been booked, but Vormer will soon sell the prints.

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