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N.S. Baseball player with stroke receives support from across Canada

A 12-year-old baseball player from Hammons Plains, New South Wales suffered a stroke during a game. Support is pouring in from all over Canada.

Satchel Tate, who plays for Hammons Plains A in his AA under 13 years old, played in a tournament in Bridgewater, New South Wales on July 30. I had a medical emergency inside. Expect it to be long and difficult.

"It was scary," said Nathan Mouton, one of his Satchell teammates.

"We write his jersey number on dirt and put it on his chest," said Satchell coach Donny Leslie. "They really rallied around Satchel." Since the

incident, the team says it has been overwhelmed with messages from baseball teams and fans across the country. Satchell's story caught the attention of his favorite team, Toronto his Blue Jays.

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1/2: Satchel Tate from Nova Scotia. @HPAsBaseball He had a stroke last week while playing for 13U. His recovery is long and difficult and he needs your help. Not with money, but with cards and letters.

— Jamie Campbell (@SNETCampbell) Aug 6, 2022

Team His satchels gather and compete during games as a sign of unity.

"The fact that Tori County, the amalgamation of Fall River, Bedford and Sackville, went to Dartmouth to help my team came as a bit of a shock to me. Hammons Plains Minor・Baseball President Holly Lapierre said:

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LaPierre personally acknowledged that people reached out for help.

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"They are friends from years ago or I I have participated in past national championships that I have hosted," she said.

"Those parents have been in touch from Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

"Very rare."

Satchell said he will remain at the IWK Health Center, but expects a long and difficult recovery.

Dr. Douglas Sinclair, IWK's Vice President of Medicine, Quality & Safety, says the warning signs across age groups remain the same, but the causes vary.

"Very rare," said Dr. Sinclair. "Unfortunately, in about half of children the cause is unknown, but it can be caused by a variety of rare diseases that usually cause some changes in the blood vessels themselves."

70} Read more: Medical studies show that established heart medications are effective against stroke

Dr. Sinclair was born Children with added heart defects can have a stroke. It can also occur in infants.

"When the kids get a little older, the signs and symptoms are exactly the same," said Sinclair. The problem is that it is very rare.

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For Hammond Plain A, the cause is the least of their concerns so far. They are happy that their teammate is recovering.

"This team is not a team, it's a family," said Chase Leslie, another of Satchell's teammates.

"I think we've shown that in the past few weeks."

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