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'No choice': Saskatoon woman arrested in US says she fled with her son out of fear

A woman accused of faking the deaths of herself and her son says she left Saskatoon out of fear for her safety.

48-year-old Dawn Marie Walkeris being held at the Multnomah County Detention Center in Oregon.

She was arrested in Oregon on Friday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and charged with two counts for allegedly entering the country with her 7-year-old son using her fake ID. indicted for the crime. The boy was then returned to Canada.

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"So many women and children before us had to flee for their lives to protect their children," Walker said in a statement provided to the Canadian Press. .

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Saskatchewan attorney Eleanor Sunchild spoke with Walker on Monday and dictated Walker's words.


In a statement, Walker said he failed Saskatchewan's justice system because he "did nothing" after reporting domestic violence to police and child protection authorities.

She said that what she witnessed with her son made her so scared that she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She said more information will come to light in due course.

She ``I apologize to anyone I have hurt,'' said Walker.

"I couldn't help it. No one was listening to me. I loved my son...a lot. He was my only child and I would do anything for him."

Two weeks ago, the RCMP and Saskatoon Police investigated the disappearance as a missing persons case. Walker's pickup her truck was found along with some of her belongings in a park south of Saskatoon. Some people worried that Walker and her son drowned in the South Saskatchewan River.

Walker, CEO of the Coalition for Sovereign Indigenous Peoples, is also an author.

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Saskatoon woman and her son missing in Oregon City, Oregon

On Monday, Saskatoon Police said they were working to extradite Walker to Canada

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Deputy Chief Randy Houseman said domestic violence allegations may or may not affect Walker's investigation. All previous allegations were thoroughly investigated, and no charges were filed as a result of that investigation," Huisman said.

Walker's son's father was not available for comment. But he told Saskatoon radio station CKOM last week that he would never hurt Walker or his son.

"There is no truth in any of it. That's all I can say," said his father.

Walker and the boy's biological father were embroiled in a lengthy custody battle, according to an affidavit filed in an Oregon court by Homeland Security Special Agent Clinton Linsley. She was due to return the child on July 25.

Documents and other court records also show that she stole the identities of her co-workers and their children to open bank accounts and cross the border. SUV and drive.

Police also found a handwritten checklist in Walker's SUV about dyeing his hair, hiding his tattoos, and throwing his cell phone into the water, according to the documents.

Walker said police "only cared when they thought I was dead."

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, she said, she has a story to tell.

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Protect Me as an Indigenous Woman , protect non-Indigenous men," Walker said in a statement.

US federal prosecutors said they wanted Walker to be held in custody pending trial. She is being held as a flight risk until her next court appearance on September 7. out-of-court cases.

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 9, 2022.

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