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North Korea says the outbreak of COVID-19 began with "aliens" near the southern border

North Koreaon Friday, the country's firstCOVID-19outbreak"aliens" near the border with South Korea Claimed to have started with a patient who touched, shifting responsibility to a neighbor in a wave of infections that struck an apparently isolated country.

Announcing the findings, North Korea orders the public to "carefully deal with wind and other climatic phenomena and balloon-induced aliens in the borders and areas along the border." rice field.

According to state media KCNA, an 18-year-old soldier and a 5-year-old kindergarten child in early April who came into contact with unidentified material "on the hills around barracks and residential areas" in eastern counties. Mt. Kongo showed symptoms and was later positive for coronavirus.

"According to the survey results, several people who came to the capital from the Ifori district in Kumgang County, Gangwon Province have fever in mid-April, and the fever is increasing rapidly. Contact information," the state media said. ..

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KCNA reported all other fever cases in the country by mid-April due to other illnesses. I said there was, but I didn't elaborate.

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South Korean defectors and activists have crossed highly fortified borders for decades. I have flown a balloon carrying leaflets and humanitarian aid.

 Former President Moon Jae-in's Government banned campaigns in 2020 due to safety concerns of border residents, but activists banned In an effort to improve cross-border relations, Pyongyang is whitened and critics are silenced.

North Korea declared a state of emergency in May after fighting the first outbreak of COVID infection and imposing strict restrictions over the years to prevent the invasion of the virus.

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In July 2020, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared an emergency after a man in exile in the north and south in 2017 returned to the city with COVID symptoms. A three-week blockade was imposed on Kaesong Town near the north-south border.

North Korea claims that the wave of COVID is showing signs of calming, but experts suspect underreporting of numbers released through government-controlled media.

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North Korea reported more than 4,570 fever symptoms on Friday, with fever recorded since late April The total number of people was 4.74 million.

Pyongyang announces the number of fever patients daily without designating them as COVID patients due to the apparent shortage of test kits.

(Report by Soo-hyang Choi and Josh Smith, edited by Leslie Adler and Richard Chang)

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