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North Korea condemns Japan-Korea military cooperation

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The Associated Press

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Hyunjin Kim

Seoul, South Korea (AP) — North Korea accused the United States, South Korea, and Japan of promoting the strengthening of trilateral forces on Sunday. Cooperation targeting North Korea warns that the move is calling for an urgent call to strengthen the country's military power.

North Korea has long cited what is called hostility by the United States and its allies as a reason for pursuing a nuclear program. A statement on Sunday states that North Korean neighbors are ready for their first nuclear test in five years as part of this year's provocative weapons test.

"The current situation is to build national defenses to proactively address the rapid deterioration of the security environment in the Korean Peninsula and other parts of the world. We are calling for it more urgently, "said the North Korean Foreign Ministry in a statement, not elaborating on how to increase its military power.

The statement became a problem at a trilateral meeting between US, South Korean and Japanese leaders who were on the sidelines of last week's NATO summit, during which time they addressed the North Korean nuclear threat. He emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation for. ..

"Chief Executive Officers of the United States, Japan and South Korea shook their heads for a confrontation with (North Korea) and took dangerous joint military measures against it, including the start of a three-way joint military exercise. We talked about it, "said the statement. Said.

North Korea sees US-led military exercises in the region, especially with rival South Korea, as an aggression rehearsal, but Washington and Seoul attack He repeatedly states that he has no intention. North.

At a recent trilateral meeting, US President Joe Biden said he was "deeply concerned" about North Korea's apparent plans to carry out ongoing ballistic missile and nuclear tests. .. South Korea's President Yun Suk-yul said the importance of trilateral cooperation is increasing in the face of North Korea's advanced nuclear program, and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida jointly to stop the threat of North Korea. Said that anti-missile training was important.

In early June, US, South Korean, and Japanese defense ministers agreed to resume exercises that combined missile warnings and pursuits as part of efforts to address North Korea's expanding weapons tests. did.

A North Korean statement rumors about the North Korean threat "to provide an excuse for gaining military hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Korean Peninsula." He accused the United States of exaggeration.

US officials said Washington had no hostile intentions against Pyongyang and urged them to return to disarmament negotiations without any preconditions. North Korea focuses on strengthening nuclear deterrence unless the United States withdraws its hostile policy towards North Korea, a clear reference to US-led economic sanctions and regular military training with South Korea. He refused the overture of the United States.

North Korea proves US plans to contain Russia and China by achieving "Europe's militarization" and forming a NATO-like alliance in Asia at the recent NATO summit Claimed to be. "The reckless military action of the United States and its vassals" could lead to dangerous consequences such as the simultaneous nuclear war in both Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Pyongyang often announced similar warlike rhetoric, warning of the dangers of a nuclear war when the hostility between Washington and Seoul increased.