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Pentathlon-CAS has dismissed the Danish Association's appeal to stop riding

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On Thursday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed the Danish Modern Pentathlon Association (MPADK) appeal against UIPM, the governing body of sports, which decided to discontinue horseback riding from the Olympic program from 2028.

UIPM will remove horseback riding from the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics in November 2021 in response to protests after a German coach hit a horse that refused to jump the fence at the Tokyo Olympics. I decided.

In February 2022, MPADK appealed to CAS, stating that the UIPM Executive Committee had no authority to make decisions and violated laws and regulations and the UIPM Code of Ethics.

"After reviewing all the evidence submitted prior to that, the CAS Panel dismissed the appeal and confirmed the validity of the objected decision. Was issued to both parties today, "CAS said in a statement Thursday.

The Modern Pentathlon was introduced at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics as a representation of the skills needed for cavalry officers, such as fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting and running.

The Governor of Sport said in May that it had selected two obstacle race variations for testing from more than 60 alternatives to equestrian.

This decision was made after German coach Kim Raisner hit a horse at last year's Tokyo Olympics when he refused to jump over the fence, leading to criticism of the sport. (Report by Manasi Pathak in Bangalore, edited by Clare Fallon)