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Potential Taiwan visit by Canadian lawmaker will be part of Singapore trade trip: official

Canadian MPs are discussing possible trade trips to neighboring countries, including Singapore and Taiwan, as early as this fall, but have yet to receive approval to go. I am saying I have not.

Liberal MP Judy Sgro said in recent comments to journalists that members of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on International Trade would "go and visit Taiwan" on a trip scheduled for October. I aspire to do so," he said.

A member of that committee told Global News that the trip had not been confirmed, but conversations about possible travel earlier this year were focused on visits to Singapore and neighboring Asia.

``The idea was that if you were going to Singapore in the region, you should spend a few days in Taiwan...I understand this relationship very well and can maintain it. Please do so,” said Conservative MP Randy Hoback, who is on the committee.

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He identified Taiwan's court system and his response to the COVID-19 pandemic as areas of particular interest. pointed out. Hoback added that when the House of Commons counted the votes in the summer, the committee had yet to get an answer from parliamentary leaders on whether a visit to Singapore would be authorized.

added that there was no indication of a security briefing from Global Affairs Canada. He hopes to be provided before any kind of trip to Taiwan. landscape.

"Things have changed," he said.

Another opposition official gave background, saying the trip was considered "likely", but plans had been put on hold over the summer and discussions of specific destinations continued.

NDP MP Brian Masse also said the trip was still in the planning stages.

“Democracy is so important to Canadians that we must support other democracies who have fought for their rights and freedoms. "I will always support Canada's relationship with prosperous democracies like Taiwan, regardless of their status," he said in a statement. The trans-Asia trip will include a visit to Taiwan, which is being discussed by the Standing Committee on International Trade.While the visit is still in the planning stages, the NDP will strengthen ties between Canada and Taiwan, We are very supportive of using this opportunity to improve trade relations with Taiwan.”

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Global News Contacts Sgro The office has repeatedly asked for more information about her comments about her trip. No response. In comments to Reuters on Wednesday, Sgro said Canadian parliamentarians had made one visit to Taiwan in the past six months, but canceled it because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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"The intention is not to confuse or cause problems with Taiwan or China. , friendship and opportunities for Canada throughout the Asia-Pacific region," Sgro said. "This is part of an ongoing effort to ensure that the doors remain open to Canadian businesses wherever there are trade opportunities."

With tensions expected to rise, the Conservative Party has a new leader due to be elected on 10 September,  You will be under pressure to get your name on the parliamentary agenda.

Also, while the Commission is independent in its selection of research areas, travel as part of research is subject to separate parliamentary liaison committees and votes approved by supporters of each official political party. need to be determined. Get permission from the House of Representatives.

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