RCMP accepted poorly qualified applicants: Report

You’d think the RCMP would recruit the best and the brightest in policing.

However, an internal audit found the Mounties have accepted applicants who were poorly qualified and some even with criminal records, Blacklock’s Reporter reported.

The audit said the RCMP appeared to put more emphasis on “the quantity of applicants with less focus on the quality.”

In the report, 38 randomly selected successful applications were examined. Auditors found four that had failed a police aptitude test “multiple times,” two were rejected by other police forces and “one was previously rejected by the RCMP five times.”

It also stated that some cadets at Depot, the RCMP’s training academy in Regina, were “eventually denied a security clearance and sent home partway through training.”

Among the reasons for failing security clearance were admitted drug use or criminal records.

“With increased demands for police officers and in the absence of clearly defined suitability criteria, regular member recruitment focuses on the quantity of applicants with less focus on the quality of applicants,” said the audit.

The RCMP eased qualifications after a decline in recruitment six years ago.

As a comparison, the application rejection rate in 2018 was 66%, while 10 years ago, the rejection rate was 88%.

An average of 800 RCMP officers a year retire or resign from the force.

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