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Rex Murphy: The idea of green radicals

In Canada, especially in the west, financial and political costs were incurred

Extinction Rebellion climate activists demonstrate in Glasgow during the COP26 climate summit on Nov. 13, 2021.
An extinct rebellion climate activist will demonstrate in Glasgow during the COP26 Climate Summit on November 13, 2021.Photo: Peter Summers / Getty Images

Who gave Vladimir Putin today's power?

The answer is simple. It was a direct and indisputable result of the sacred green policy of most Western governments and their leaders.

Canada provides a great example.

Since 2015, our sweet, ungoverned nation has said "reducing Canada's greenhouse gas emissions" as a sacred policy, "how vacant this phrase is, almost vacant. ".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former adviser Gerald Butts, former Environment Minister and climate warrior Catherine McKenna, and her more enthusiastic successor Stephen Gilbo ("a role like the Greenpeace Spider"). You may remember me from-man ") — These four made that goal more than just a policy. It is now much more doctrine and doctrine, a belief of strength that is truly parallel to the deep beliefs of seriously religious people.

In other words, it's more faith than science, but like faith, it's a belief to claim a position beyond rational measurement and beyond discussion.

It is a belief to claim a position beyond controversy

Religious people not only make it clear that they declare their beliefs I am delighted to trust what cannot be proved by definition. They understand and frankly declare that religion is an area outside or above, beyond reason. That is the essence of faith as a category.

However, environmentally friendly people are an important weapon in their campaign that not only do they like to mix categories, but they also need to confuse categories. They ask you to "believe" in the threat of climate armageddon, and at the same time vehemently insist that it is "science" that absolutely declares it an indisputable reality. You don't believe the facts, you accept them. Facts do not require belief. That's why, strangely enough, we call them facts.

Until 20 years ago, Argoa was given much to say with confidence in the Vatican army that "science has been resolved."

Ironically, a declaration that proved that he was very unclear about the nature of science itself. The dazzling complexity of the universe — complete humility as the basis for humans to know it completely.

True believers, green believers, have many qualities, but in their excellent catalog, humility is neither welcome nor meaningful.

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Many have found a deep similarity between their beliefs in the apocalypse of the pending climate and the real religion. It is, in fact, the Meem religion, the Elsats religion, with all the negative energies associated with the absolutist religion. This includes the intolerance of unbelievers (they are "denials" and probably the ugliest word in modern lexicons). High holiness. Investing in the most unlikely "prophet" (ie Greta Thunberg). And the most important of all is complete and unwavering certainty.

It's a strange spirit, if not strange, and if restricted, most beliefs are in the personal realm these days, so perhaps those who disagree with that order care less. You don't need it. And, or actually want to.

However, it is a completely different issue to determine national or national public policy, if it is within this idea, this idea. Especially for the past 6 years, it has been decided and imposed as in Canada. It was accompanied by such costs, financial and political costs in western Canada. Therefore, the development of energy, which is the most basic resource in the world, tends to be negative. It banned the pipeline, or completely ruined it as in the case of Trans Mountain. The idea that during this desolate COVID period with an already devastated economy, the free government began to mercilessly raise carbon taxes.

In other words, we did everything we could to maintain oil and gas in the Canadian ground. Other Western countries, especially European countries, have chased the "renewable future" of windmills and solar panels that have not yet been installed in a crazy way.

We have done everything we can to maintain oil and gas in the land of Canada

The Green Crusade is now that It shows the true cost. Putin, a vulgar dictator who everyone calls him, stayed in oil and gas. The green ideology and the policies it created sent his current power, Europe by blackmail, went to the fight against Ukraine, disrupted the world economy, nourished post-COVID inflation in most countries, and the world's. Established the ability to put half into legitimate anxiety — unthinkable — nuclear war.

And finally, the deepest irony — many of these same countries are now retreating their devout green profession, coal is making the necessary resurgence, and some are allocating energy. Warning, poor and sad Joe Byden (he killed the Keystone pipeline on the first day of his weak presidency) is doing a genuflection to Saudi Arabia and talking about a gasoline tax rebate.

And here, the carbon tax, which was exacerbated by the surge in inflation, is the least hit. Gasoline will soon become a product only for the very wealthy, and food prices, which are largely related to energy costs, are accelerating rapidly. We are paying in many ways to the four wise green hearts that have locked Canada in the stupid beliefs of the Green Apocalypse.

But I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the Federal Summit in Rwanda today. I heard that Prince Charles, one of the very tall Lords of the Green Church, is there. He and Tordo are probably praying together.

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