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Russian troops turn to Lysychans'k in the battle of eastern Ukraine

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Tom Balmforce and Marco Julica

KYIV / POKROVSK — Russian troops have strategic goals in Ukraine on Monday when they say they are pushing in with Moscow-backed separatists. Lysychans'k, which was fighting to achieve one of the above, is the last major city still held by the Ukrainian army in eastern Luhansk Oblast.

Lysychans'k is the new focus of the war after the collapse of its twin city, Sieviero Donetsk, occupying the eastern provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk on behalf of pro-Russian separatists. It was a victory for the Moscow campaign.

Sunday's Tass news agency quoted separatist officials that Moscow troops had entered Lysychans'k from five directions and isolated Ukrainian defenders. Reuters could not confirm the report.

The Ukrainian General Staff said Russian troops were using cannons to block Lysychans'k from the south, but did not mention the separatists' invasion of the city.

Elena, an elderly woman from Lysychans'k, was one of the dozens of refugees who arrived in the Ukrainian town of Pokrovsk by bus from the front line.

"Lysychans'k, I was horror last week. I couldn't take it anymore yesterday," she said. "If I die, I've already told my husband, bury me behind the house." Cited separatist officials that more than 250 people, including children, were evacuated from.

The industrial zone was the last part of Severodonetsk before the Ukrainian troops withdrew on Saturday.


Russian missiles near Kyiv's apartment block and kindergarten on Sunday when world leaders gathered in Germany to discuss further sanctions against Moscow. I attacked.

Deputy Mayor Mykola Povoroznyk said one person was killed and six were injured in the first attack on the Russian capital in a few weeks.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a nightly speech that an injured 7-year-old girl had been pulled out of the rubble of a nine-story apartment. He said her girl's father was killed on strike.

"She wasn't threatened in our country. Russia itself, women, children, kindergartens, homes, hospitals, railroads, etc., are all equally hostile to them. She was completely safe until she decided to be, "Zelensky said.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman said the strike was four to six long-range missiles launched from Russian bombers more than 1,000 km (621 miles) away in southern Russia. Said it was done.

US President Joe Biden called the strike "barbaric" because the leaders of a group of seven countries gathered at a summit in Germany. Russia has denied targeting civilians.

Other leaders of the G7 countries ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin when they gathered to take a group photo at the beginning of the three-day summit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that leaders exposed their chests in connection with Putin's shirtless poses over the years, including riding a horse. Show me. "

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: Riding is the best.

The United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and the United States target wealthy Russians who are buying safe bullion to mitigate the economic impact of Western countries. Proposed a ban on the import of gold from Russia. Sanctions.

Leaders gathered in the Bavarian Alps are also expected to discuss the potential for Russia's oil price caps and efforts to tackle global food and energy prices.

Missiles attack central city

Russian missiles also killed one person and five others on Sunday, according to officials, most of the effects of the bombardment so far Attacked the central city of Chelcasy, which had not been received. Injured.

Ukraine's presidential adviser, Oleksiy Aresevich, said the attack also hit a strategic bridge between western Ukraine and the eastern battlefield.

"They are trying to limit the eastern movement of our reserve and western weapons," he told Reuters.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that it used precision weapons to attack military training centers in the Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Lviv regions. This is a clear reference to the attack reported by Ukraine on Saturday. There were no immediate comments about Sunday's strike against Kyiv or Cherkasy.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, which the Kremlin called a "special military operation" to expel far-right nationalists from the country and ensure Russia's security.

Kieu and the West have killed thousands, fled millions from Ukraine, and dismissed it as an unfounded excuse for the choice war that destroyed the city.

The conflict has pushed up gas, oil and food prices, urged the European Union to reduce Russia's dependence on energy, and urged Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

(Report by Reuters bureaux, Written by Stephen Coates, Edited by Himani Sarkar)