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A staggering 675,000 members have signed up to choose the next conservative leader, the party says.

About 675,000 members have registered to vote for a new leader in the federal governmentConservatives — Tory believes in an astonishing number. Federal party.

The party sent a preliminary voter list to the candidates on Thursday, but it will eventually allow leadership applicants to challenge the validity of these registrations. The number is still subject to change, he said.

Until the end of Monday, candidates will be allowed to issue challenges that must be substantiated and the voter list will be finalized in July.

However, the party says that about 6,500 non-compliant sales have already been reduced. For example, people who have signed up multiple times or who have used a prepaid card.

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After claiming that Pierre Poirievre, MP in the Otawa region, sold about 312,000 members through his website. , The party does not disclose the number of members registered by individual candidates.

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Five other candidates are competing for the top job: Scott Hachison, a conservative MP And Leslin Lewis, both from Ontario, former Quebec premier Jean Charest, Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brumpton, Ontario, and Roman Bubber, a former independent member of the Ontario Parliament.

Winners will be announced in Otawa on September 10th.

Ian Brody, chairman of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee, said Thursday that the Conservative Party was in Hamilton.

CPC leadership candidates meet in Bellville, Ontario. To accommodate voters

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