Style Q&A: Local mom turns snap frustrations into business

The origin story of the Pitt Meadows-based business Ready Set Romper is one that begins, quite simply, with snaps.

Ready Set Romper founder Carin Baxter created rompers for children that don't have any snaps.

The origin story of the Pitt Meadows-based business Ready Set Romper is one that begins, quite simply, with snaps.

Carin Baxter had grown tired of struggling with the finicky fasteners on the rompers her young son was wearing. So, she set out to create an option that was “functional and fast.” Sewing a prototype herself at home, she designed a romper that used elastic in place of snaps or zippers. We caught up with founder Baxter to learn more:

Q: For those who aren’t familiar, what is Ready Set Romper? 

A: Ready Set Romper (RSR) is a local B.C. company with a unique patent-protected diaper changing panel located under a functioning “hoodie” pocket. The rompers are premium bamboo and have no snaps and no zippers. This elasticated access is not only convenient for super-quick diaper changes but has helped the rompers to become a big hit with medical families that have children with feeding tubes or other medical devices attached at the abdomen.

Q: When and why did you first start the brand? 

A: I have always had a strong, entrepreneurial spirit and had worked in ecommerce prior to Ready Set Romper before realizing that I really wanted something that was my own. I created the Ready Set Romper in 2018 after complaining about the snaps on my own son’s rompers. Any parent knows what I mean when I mention the frustration of doing up all those snaps. I wanted to create something more functional and fast, yet still very stylish. One day, while making my son’s bed and putting a new pillow slip on his pillow, I noticed the envelope opening on the back of the case and thought how much easier it would be to get the pillow into it, if it was elasticated. And the idea just sort of came to me from this moment. From there I bought a sewing machine and created the roughest prototype ever of the first Ready Set Romper. I have now expanded from rompers, to children’s two-piece sets and women’s one-piece Luxe Loungers.

Q: Who is the target customer? 

A: Everybody! The target customer is anybody who has a child age zero to seven years, but also women themselves, as we now have new women’s premium bamboo Luxe Loungers available in size XS to XXL. And Ready Set Rompers have become a top-rated baby shower gift for parents.

Q: What more can you share about the philanthropic element of the company?

A: Every Ready Set Romper has a purpose and in collaboration with The Tekera Resource Centre in Uganda, Africa, it is our mission to help ensure as many safe, happy and memorable birth experiences for mothers and babies as we possibly can. Each romper sold helps to provide to a Mama Kit. These kits provide them with the resources they need in order to be able to safely give birth in the local medical clinic. Without this kit, she will be turned away and at home births in Uganda can have devastating outcomes without the necessary medical care and attention. We are working to help eliminate the worry and provide the solution for these families.

In addition to our regular giveback program, and in light of COVID-19, we have donated all of our extra fabric to local seamstresses to help create personal protection equipment for local health-care professionals. Some of these items have included surgical caps and ear protectors.

Q: What is the price range for your products?

A: $30 to $85.

Q: And, lastly, where can people check them out? 

A: Online at

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