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Supply Chain Issues Put the Brakes on Saskatoon Auto Repair

A longer pit stop than some people wanted.

Her partner Chelsea Stebner, managing Parr Auto Body inSaskatoonsix months later, still has units in store. Vehicle states that it is still waiting for certain parts.

“It is difficult even for our team because we can imagine dismantling a vehicle six months in advance and starting to reassemble or repair it six months later.

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Specifically, which part, Stebner says, is a lot missing.

“Plastics, things like that…in all sheet metal. We see a shortage of glass.

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"The chip problem is a problem for us too. All sorts of other

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The culprit of being late. Stebner says she first noticed that her arrival time had increased about a year ago, but it has amplified over the past six months.

"We're seeing results now. So when everyone says we're back to normal, in our industry, we're far from normal." 40}

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Amante, a business student at Paul University of Saskatchewan, is one of several who have had to deal with not having their own car for an extended period of time. . This year she's ready to ship again after she's been on the shelves for over two months, from February 17th until she's April 22nd.

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"We kept getting dates for next week," Amante began. "Next week comes and I call and they say, 'Oh, next week.' When the week comes and I call, 'Oh, I don't have that part yet. It's been a pretty frustrating two months,'" he said.

He says he lives in a suburb of Saskatoon and public transportation was not an option for him.

"There are no buses going through here. The nearest bus stop is a 45-minute walk." – July 7, 2022

Stebner understands customer frustration.

``Getting into an accident is not something that everyone in the world likes. So we are that inconvenience, we are that resentment purchase. I don't want to go," she says.

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According to SGI, Saskatchewan has many contracts with various suppliers for car rentals. .

"Part of that is ensuring that these suppliers keep their fleet of vehicles available to customers in the event of an accident, necessitating disability coverage." Ciaran Downes, Senior Director of National Assessments at SGI, said:

"It is true that the rental period is actually longer as the body shop may be struggling to source parts to complete the repair. Time is longer and customers may stay in the rental car longer than usual.”

SGI identifies trends in parts that typically take longer than others working for

"It seems to affect all manufacturers and all types of parts," he says Downes. "We may have access to 90% of the parts needed to complete the repair, but there is one bracket that seems to be a critical component that seems to hold up the others. If it is missing, , which can basically delay the entire repair."

SGI claims it hasn't experienced a shortage of rental cars, but the pandemic has changed some car rental companies. .

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"Car rental companies have also scaled back their fleets due to the pandemic, and rental cars are now part of that shortfall in the auto industry," he said. increase.

As to how long the auto industry can expect this problem to continue, Stebner believes it could be at least two years before things return to normal.

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