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Susan Holt calls N.B. liberal leadership, victory a 'breath of fresh air'

The New Brunswick Liberal Party has chosen as its new leader a political newcomer who has touted himself as the party's new voice.

Brian Susan Holt, who served as government adviser to her former Prime Minister Gallant, said in her inaugural address today that citizens dejected by soaring inflation and medical shortages called her " I hope you will see it as a breath of fresh air." Air in Local Politics”.

She promises greater transparency, better relations with the state's Indigenous peoples, and a less confrontational style.

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Holt wants her T.J. broke. For the third number of votes, former cabinet minister Harvey. Former cabinet minister Donald Arseneau was dismissed after the first indictment, and Shediac Bay Dieppe MP Robert Govin was dismissed after the second.

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The Liberal Party uses a weighted preferential voting system to allow party voters to choose the leader's first, second, and 3rd and 4th place candidates can be ranked.

Susan Holt, with 51.6% of the vote, is the next leader of her NB Liberal Party.

— Silas Brown (@silasjvbrown) Aug 6, 2022

Holt will lead the official opposition in the upcoming state elections, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Blaine Higgs.

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Four potential leaders competed for a total of 100 points in each of 49 rides, earning a combined You have earned 4,900 points. Available in elections.

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The winner received more than 50% of the points available, and Holt's victory (just under 52% of the total points available) came after the second-place votes for Arceneaux and Govan were tallied.

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Complex vote counting system as Harvey led in his first two counts until Holt surged produced a seesaw result through the afternoon to victory after the final tally.

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