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The Taliban's large rally ends with a call for international recognition

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Mohammad Yunus Yawar

Kabul — A rally by Tullivan, a religious and ethnic leader of thousands of men, officially recognizes their administration to foreign governments It ended on Saturday by request, but there are signs of changes in international demand, such as the opening of a girls' high school.

The Afghan economy was in jeopardy as the Tullivan government said it needed to change its policy on human rights, especially women's human rights, and the Western government withdrew funding and enforced strict sanctions.

"We call on regional and international countries, especially Islamic countries ... to approve the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ... lift all sanctions and (central bank) ) We will unfreeze funds and support the development of Afghanistan. ”Rally participants said in a statement using the name of a government group that is not officially recognized by any country.

On Friday, the group's recluse leaders attended a three-day rally of more than 4,000 men, celebrating the Taliban's victory and giving a speech emphasizing national independence.

The Taliban returned to the announcement that all schools would open in March, leaving many girls in high school in tears and criticizing the Western government.

In a speech broadcast on state television, a small number of participants covered the education of girls and women. Taliban Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Shirajudin Haqqani said the world is demanding comprehensive government and education, and these issues will take time.

However, the group's supreme leader, Hibatullah Akhnzada, is usually based in the southern city of Kandahar and rarely appears in public, foreigners should order. He said it wasn't.

The final statement of the rally said the Islamic State's militant groups were illegal, stating that the defense of the Islamic Emirate was mandatory and behind some attacks in the country. ..

He said he would not interfere with neighboring countries and should not interfere with Afghanistan. (Report by Mohammad Yunus Yawar, Written by Charlotte Greenfied, Edited by Timothy Heritage)