Tornado that struck Kinmount, Ont. upgraded to EF-2 rating

The tornado that pummeled the village of Kinmount, Ont., on Sunday night has been upgraded by Environment Canada to an EF-2 from an EF-1.

Kinmount is about an hour north of the City of Peterborough.

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The Enhanced Fujita Scale is used to estimate the intensity and impact of tornadoes, according to The Weather Channel.

On Tuesday, Environment Canada had rated the tornado an EF-1, with winds clocked in at 150 km/h.

On Wednesday, however, The Storm Prediction Centre of Environment Canada said that after reviewing additional footage from storm chasers and drones, the damage estimated from the tornado is consistent with winds up to 190 km/h, earning the tornado a rating of EF-2.

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The time of the tornado is now estimated to have been at 4:50 p.m. according to local witnesses and radar, as opposed to the previously reported 4:25 p.m.

Kinmount is one of three municipalities pummeled by a tornado on the weekend. The other two, Oxford Mills and Camden East, were both hit with an EF-0 tornado, according to Environment Canada.

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On Sunday, Environment Canada placed Kinmount on a number of warnings and watches, including those of potential tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.

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On Monday, Environment Canada told Global Peterborough there was no confirmation at the time that a tornado had touched down in the Kinmount area. However, the federal weather agency confirmed to Global on Tuesday that a tornado had in fact slammed the area.

Environment Canada continues to investigate the events, in collaboration with the Northern Tornadoes Project.

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