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US Supreme Court abortion ruling ignites new court battle over state ban

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Over abortion The U.S. Supreme Court overturned its constitutional right to national proceedings as a fighting judge blocked a state-wide ban in Louisiana and the clinic appealed for similar relief in Kentucky and Idaho. Later, I moved to the state court on Monday.

The three states are Roe v in 1973 by the Supreme Court. It is one of 13 states with a "trigger law" designed to ban or severely limit abortion after overturning the Wade decision and recognizing the right to the procedure. Friday.

In Louisiana, abortion services that had been suspended since Friday will be resumed, and on Monday Judge Robin Jarusso of the Orleans Parish Citizens' District Court will block the state's execution. Temporary Suppression Orderを発行しました。その禁止。

This order was issued shortly after the Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport, one of the three abortion clinics in Louisiana, filed a complaint. The state's Trigger Act argued that "there are no constitutional safeguards to prevent arbitrary enforcement."

The judge has set up a July 8 hearing to decide whether to further block the enforcement of the ban. It said Hope Medical violated the right to legitimate proceedings under the State Constitution.

In Kentucky, two abortion clinics, including an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, have challenged a complete ban on abortion enacted in 2019を提出し、その同じ年に別の6週間の禁止が可決されました。

The lawsuit alleged that the ban violated the patient's right to privacy and self-determination under the state's constitution.

In Idaho, a planned parent-child relationship affiliate will block the state's Supreme Court from enforcing a "trigger" law banning abortion passed by the republic-controlled state council in 2020. I requested. This will take effect on August 19th.

Republican State Attorney General Jeff Laundry said in a statement that his office was "just like federal courts, state courts are ready to comply with these laws." rice field.

His Republican counterparts Daniel Cameron and Lawrence Wasden of Kentucky and Idaho declined to request comment.

This case is one of several Republican-backed challenging abortion laws under the post-State Constitution of the US Supreme Court.

The Utah branch of parent-child relations planned on Saturday has appealed for a ban on triggers in the state, and advocates of abortion have plans to challenge the ban on abortion in Ohio six weeks after it came into effect on Friday. I'm standing.

In Florida, a group of abortion donors appeared before a judge in a state court to challenge the state's new Republican-backed ban on abortion 15 weeks after pregnancy. They say this violates the Florida Constitution. (Report by Nate Raymond in Boston, edited by Bill Berklot)