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The U.S. Supreme Court has called on Maryland to ban opposition movements at judges' homes.

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Washington — USA The Supreme Court's Chief Security Officer has called on Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to enact a law banning pickets outside the homes of Maryland High Court judges, protesting and "threatening." "Activity" has increased.

Supreme Court Marshal Gale Curly requested Hogan in a letter on July 1, and Maryland law was in such a way that people "confused one's right to the tranquility of one's home. "It is forbidden to gather intentionally, he said. "I urge Maryland police to work with local governments as necessary to enforce a law prohibiting picketing outside the homes of Supreme Court judges living in Maryland. I'm writing, "Curly told Hogan. Fox News website.

Abortion rights activists say Maryland's house and Samuel Alito, Judge John Roberts and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, after a leak in the draft opinion in May. -Judge Judge began protesting outside his Virginia home. The court will overturn the Roe v. Wade case, a 1973 decision that guarantees women the right to abortion.

Last month, the court issued a final opinion on exactly what it did.

Curly reminded the governor in May that he was "deeply concerned" about picketing outside the judge's house in the state. Hogan, in a joint letter with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and U.S. Justice Secretary Merrick Garland, enforced federal law banning demonstrations aimed at upsetting judges in disputed proceedings. Issued a statement asking for.

"Since then, protests and intimidation at the judge's house have only increased," Curly told Hogan, who used loudspeakers, slogans, and drums for weeks. He added that he hit.

The letter clearly mentions being arrested near Kavanaugh's house in a California man armed with a pistol, knife and pepper spray last month, "A Trial to Life of Justice." Was also written. (Report by Jonathan Landay, edited by David Gregorio)