UK charities launch appeal to help fragile states fight coronavirus

The money raised will provide people with clean water and soap, and food to prevent malnutrition, particularly among children.

Saeed said people were having to choose between staying at home and starving with their children or going out to work or find food, putting themselves at risk of catching coronavirus.

“These are the stark choices people are having to make,” he added. “In the UK we can stay indoors, lock ourselves in, and everything is provided. That’s not a luxury these communities have.”

The proceeds of the appeal will also be used to provide frontline medical staff and aid workers with equipment and supplies to protect themselves and help care for the sick.

“We’ve heard stories in places like Aden in Yemen where doctors had to shut hospitals and clinics because they didn’t have the necessary protective equipment,” Saeed said.

“Doctors have died because they’ve taken the risks without the equipment.” (Reporting by Emma Batha //

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