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Water shortage hits N.B. City during peak tourist season

Alma tourists are told to use the flush toilets outside the village hall as the water level is very low and there is not enough water to flush the toilets.

Boiling orders have been in place since Thursday.

In a statement emailed to Global His News, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said the recommendation was ordered because "the water demand in the village exceeds its capacity to supply water."

"This can cause water pressure problems and can be a health risk if not boiled before consumption," they said.

Phyllis Sutherland, president of Fundy Tourism, said on Tuesday that the region's tourism industry has been hit hard by water shortages.

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Mid-July, mid-July, and generally these few weeks when I say the county is pretty full," she said.

Tourists Laurie Morton and her family spend most of their summer vacations at a house owned by her in-laws in nearby Riverside Albert. They visit Alma regularly.

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"It's very frustrating....A few days ago we came to do our laundry, but the laundromat We've got to look for basic needs," she said in an interview.

Alma Mayor Andrew Casey owns a motel and restaurant in the village. are directly affected.

"It really wreaks havoc on business...and it doesn't give confidence to tourists visiting Alma," he told Global News on Tuesday.

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The village said it was waiting for further instructions and test results from the health ministry before it was released.

Casey will meet with Albert MLA Mike Holland on Wednesday to discuss water scarcity issues.

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Project to Improve Alma's Water Supply, Funded by City, State and Federal Governments, Announced in 2019 was done.

Holland told Global News on Tuesday that work is still underway.

"The scope of the project has changed several times, but the village has worked diligently to find its source. We are still working with three levels of government to do something, we need to find sustainable water sources," he said.

Casey said he may have identified a viable water source, but needed funding to ensure security.

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