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Fighting Whales: Trapped Whales Liberated in Norway in the Arctic Circle

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OSLO — The Norwegian Coast Guard rescued a rope-entangled whale off the coast of Northern Europe. After that, the animal swam freely and turned its tail over.

Mammals were floating on the surface of the Barents Sea on Wednesday, with tails on ropes and buoys as the KV Bison Coast Guard ship approached after receiving chips from the crew of a local ferry company. I was trapped. ..

"I saw the whale exhausted, but it was completely stationary," Lieutenant Raymond Isehaug said on the phone on Friday in a KV bison.

Isehaug sent four crew members on a light boat to help the animals.

"I approached slowly so that I didn't feel stressed ... I was scared and active," said Isehaug, who believes he is a humpback whale.

A video posted on the Coast Guard's Twitter account shows the crew reaching out from the light boat towards the whale with a knife. He can be heard in a video saying "Do you have my feet?" In Norwegian.

"Initially, I was thinking of sending some divers to cut the rope underneath the whale, but given the whale's behavior, I opposed it," said Isehaug. increase.

It took 10 to 15 minutes for the Coast Guard to unlock most of the ropes around the whales tied to the buoys of the Norwegian Institute of Oceanography, Isehaug said.

After that, the whale dived, turned its tail over, splashed water and sprayed it, and then swam away.

"We were happy with the whales," said Isehaug. "That was good deed." (Reported by Gwladys Fouche, edited by Alex Richardson)