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With the war, Kyiv's pride parade will be a peaceful march in Warsaw

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Vanessa Gera

Warsaw, Poland (AP) —Kyiv Pride, Ukraine's largest LGBTQ rights event, will take place on Saturday. But it's not its native street, not as a celebration.

Instead, take part in Warsaw's annual equality parade, the largest gay pride event in Central Europe, and use it as a platform to gain international attention in the fight for freedom in Ukraine. increase.

"We are marching for political support to Ukraine and for the basic human rights of the Ukrainian people," said Lenny Emson, director of Kyiv Pride. increase. "It's not a celebration. I'll wait to celebrate the victory."

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people are civilians and soldiers killed by Russian troops. I'm inside. Recently, we have been asked to recognize same-sex partnerships. Especially because partners need to fill each other in the war.

If the country were to be defeated, it would be a tragedy for the entire Ukrainian people, but LGBTQ people are at risk of being "completely erased" and killed, fled or identified. It means to hide it. The organization also operates a shelter for LGBTQ people fleeing Ukrainian territory occupied by Russian troops. One LGBTQ rights activist in the occupied Kherson has disappeared.

In the manifest, KyivPride tells people that the geographical boundary between one democratic Ukraine and the other dictatorial Russia and Belarus is "not just a border between nations, but freedom. Territory and territory of oppression. "

Russia passed a law in 2013 prohibiting the portrayal of homosexuality to minors. This is what human rights groups see as a way to demonize and discriminate against LGBTQ people. The law, called the "Homosexuality Law," is in the midst of a greater crackdown on civil liberties in Russia and prompted the passage of a similar law in Hungary last year.

Clementina Schanow, author of a book on global efforts to regain the rights of women and LGBTQ people, said that if Ukrainians lose the war, various progressives, including feminism. LGBTQ rights and efforts to combat climate change, alleging to indicate defeat in the cause.

"This is why the war in Ukraine is everything," said a prominent Polish feminist activist and author of "This is a war: women, fundamentalists, and the neo-medievalism." Schanou said. She was planning to march on Saturday.

Emson explained that martial law banned large-scale rallies and prevented KyivPride from being held in the Ukrainian capital this year.

On Saturday, we will be honored to lead the Equality Parade in Warsaw. This is one of the many ways Poles have strengthened to help their embarrassed Ukrainian neighbors.

Poland's conservative government is a strong ally of Ukraine, sending humanitarian aid and weapons, allowing other countries to use their territory to transfer their aid. ..

However, LGBTQ's attitude towards rights makes Poland unlikely to be the venue for gay rights events.

In recent years, the government has described the LGBTQ rights movement as an attack on the country's Catholic tradition and as a force that could corrupt young people, reflecting the rhetoric behind Russian and Hungarian law. doing.

However, Polish society as a whole has come to accept LGBTQ people. According to Emson, the KyivPride organizers were considering hosting an event in another European capital, but decided that Warsaw's young and energetic rights movement was more appropriate.

Ukrainian LGBTQ people still face considerable discrimination, but in recent years they have made progress as Ukraine seeks to link its fate to the West. The evolution of LGBT rights is highlighted by the evolution of KyivPride itself since it was founded 10 years ago. In 2012, the number of angry protesters was so high that participants did not dare to march. Participants have been beaten and require the presence of large police to protect them. Still, the event continues to grow, with 7,000 people attending last year.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has been in the spotlight in recent months for his brave leadership during the war, and at the 2019 news conference, a man wearing a cross and spitting out homosexual rhetoric. Won the respect of the LGBTQ people in Ukraine when he hugged him.

Zelensky counterattacked with anger. "Leave those people alone for God."

But since then, his party has also taken steps that LGBTQ rights activists consider to be a threat to their struggle. I did.