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Zoo closed for second day after wolf escaped deliberately damaged enclosure

It is unknown if the escaped wolf remains inside the zoo grounds or roams outside.

The Greater Vancouver Zoo remained closed Wednesday after multiple wolves escaped their damaged enclosure one day before.
Greater Vancouver after multiple wolves escaped a damaged enclosure The zoo remained closed Wednesday a day ago. Photo by Arlen Redekop /PNG

The Greater Vancouver Zoo remained closed on Wednesday, although a number of It was the day after the head wolf was killed. Found outside a damaged enclosure, at least one of him escaped recapture.

Except in an Instagram post notifying customers of the ongoing closure, the zoo announced Wednesday before his Postmedia deadline that Wolves did not provide updates on The wolves remained on the run, whether hiding within the zoo grounds or roaming outside.

A statement posted on the zoo's website said there was no danger to the public on Tuesday afternoon, the day of the breakout, but anyone who saw a wolf near the zoo should contact authorities.

"Most wolves have been returned to animal health and welfare teams," the statement said. "GVZoo staff continue to actively search for the few remaining missing wolves."

The Aldergrove zoo originally had nine wolves and his six There was a head cub wolf.

The Ranger Service, which was called in to help recapture the BC fugitive, said one wolf remained on the run Tuesday and warned those who saw it to keep their distance and warn sightings.

Greater Vancouver Zoo requested support for#BCCOS earlier today. You have recovered a wolf that escaped its enclosure.

According to @vancouverzoo, he still has one wolf on the run. Zoos are working to recapture animals.

— BC CO Service (@_BCCOS) Aug 16, 2022

According to Langley RCMP Cpl. We believe he broke the enclosure on purpose to allow him to escape, but due to the lack of surveillance footage, it remains unknown how someone entered the zoo.

In its statement, the zoo called the incident "suspicious" and said that "malice"

the wolf enclosure is on the south side. On the zoo grounds, near the boardwalk and mini train tracks.

Short distance to end of zoo grounds. It is adjacent to a large wooded area that is part of Naval Radio Section Aldergrove, the Naval Radio Communications Facility of the Canadian Forces. 5 square kilometers, or 1,220 acres.

According to his 2021 article in the Aldergrove Star newspaper, base personnel sometimes have to fight bears and beavers in the field. There are also several small farms near 264th Street.

A person mans the gate at the Greater Vancouver Zoo after multiple wolves escaped their enclosure Tuesday. One wolf remains unaccounted for after the animals were believed to have been released as a result of “malicious intent.” [PNG Merlin Archive]
Multiple wolves flew out of the enclosure on Tuesday. Vancouver Zoo after escaping. One wolf remains missing after the animal was believed to have been released as a result of "malice". [PNG Merlin Archive] Photo by Arlen Redekop /PNG

Wolf experts say the longer a wolf remains missing, the fewer situations it "ends well" .

Wolves' behavior is difficult to predict because they were kept in captivity, said Adam Ford, an associate professor of biology at the University of British Columbia.

Wild wolves are more likely to start hunting for food, while wolves fed by humans are more likely to scavenge and scavenge. , he said. It can also associate people with food, which can lead to unpredictable situations.

"The clock is indeed ticking," said Ford. The wolf is probably hungry and 'on the move'. Roads are a big problem when outside the zoo as they may not know to avoid vehicles.

The chair of his research in Wildlife Restoration Ecology Canada advised people in the region to be vigilant. He said, "It's time to string the shih tzu."

But Ford said the wolf's whereabouts couldn't be kept secret for long. Animals are very mobile when searching for food.

In 2020, Takaya, a lone wolf living in the BC islands, swam to Vancouver Island, supposedly in search of food, and spent 24 hourswandering around downtown Victoria.

Children and pets were advised to stay indoors while police pursued the wolf. After falling asleep between fences and buildings, it eventually calmed down and was released the next day into wild areas on the west side of Vancouver Island.

Takaya was shot dead by a hunter two months later.

In 2021, a pack of nine wolves destroyed a safety hatch, climbed a fence, and escaped an enclosure at a zoo in Southern France during visiting hours. , never left the premises. Four were shot dead in a "dangerous act" and the remaining five of him were returned to the pen and anesthetized.

Shantel, spokesperson for the Vancouver Humane SocietyHis Archambault said Greater He said the Vancouver Zoo would meet the needs of wildlife and keep them safe. He said he wasn't equipped to keep it. She noted a "pattern" of recent incidents, including bears biting children and staff members being injured by jaguars. It calls for a ban on the importation and breeding of animals caught in

"This incident is of great concern not only to the wolf, but also to the safety of the public and staff," Archambault said.

Anyone who sees wolves being released should keep their distance and report by calling 1-877-952-7277.

— Using Canadian Press files

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