Bafra’da birçok evi su bastı

Bafra’da etkisini gösteren şiddetli yağmur hayatı olumsuz etkiledi. Bafra’da birçok evi su bastı.

Dün başlayan sağanak yağmur bugünde etkisini artırdı, Bafra’da neredeyse su birikmeyen yer kalmadı.

Trafikte araçlar suya gömüldü. Kuvvetli yağmur nedeniyle vatandaşlar zor anlar yaşadı. Sürücüler yollarda seyretmekte zorlandı.


Football news:

Bruno Fernandes: I'm 26 years old, I can't be tired. If I was tired now, then by the age of 30-32 I would not be playing at all
Chelsea will announce Tuchel's appointment today. He will lead the team in the game against Wolves tomorrow
Tottenham's Cup rival is coached by a rock star. Invited Mourinho to play the tambourine in his group, loves The Doors and prefers Jagger Messi
Puyol presented Barca's form for the match against Real Madrid. It combines the colors of the club and the flag of Catalonia
Barca has the highest revenue in the 2019/20 season - 715.1 million euros. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Liverpool are in the top 5 (Deloitte)
Van de Beek has no intention of leaving Manchester United. Solskjaer believes in the midfielder and will give him a chance
Lampard couldn't say goodbye to the Chelsea players. The Czech briefly informed them of his resignation before training