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Adam Lambert gives hilarious Cher impression of ‘The Muffin Man’

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  1. Adam is probably second only to Kelly in turning his music competition appearance into a successful career. Maybe Carrie and Jennifer. But that’s pretty elite territory.

    1. Fantasia is still relevant. Rubin Studdard & Clay Aiken were on the music scene some time ago as well. I’m not sure if either has retired to a life of “normalcy” or if they do theatre now.

  2. So this is the future you guys congratulations a .an singing like a woman

  3. CNN this is what we’re doing thought this was E news

  4. don’t watch late night crap ..but then I saw Adam.I think he is the most underrated talent…adore him!

  5. Wtf?

    I couldn’t begin to sing this song.
    Wtf is a muffin man?

  6. Outstanding! (Just like everything he sings) AL has always been one of a kind 🌟

  7. Prefer Frank Zappa’s Muffin Man…. But Lambert is a talent.

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