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Alberta looks to poach skilled workers from Vancouver, Toronto

Alberta looks to poach skilled workers from Vancouver, Toronto 1

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  1. There is no shortage of workers. There is an extreme shortage of employers that know how to retain quality workers. Also, any employers who terminated any employees without cause since the start of the “pandemic” have no right to complain about a supposed worker shortage. Lastly, employers could also try dropping blatant age discrimination and ghosting applicants after interviews.

    1. From a personal experience, there is no shortage of ‘experienced’ workers, there is a extreme amount of employers trying to fill junior positions and paying junior wages for a ‘senior’ level workload… Just take a look on sites like indeed on job listing for anything other than ‘retail’ or ‘food service’ related.

    2. Alberta has a booming economy with hundreds of thousands of new jobs, there is a shortage of workers there. It’s not Toronto where there’s already an overpopulation problem and you have massive influxes of highschool graduates pining for low skilled labor.

  2. Why can’t we promote education to our own Albertans?

  3. i would love to go there except that im only at the beginning of my career.

  4. Alberta has been poaching workers from all over Canada for decades..nothing new here. Until the oil and money dries up again.

  5. What’s kenney doing? He’s last weeks fish and should stay away.

  6. That is hilarious…Vancouver vs any part of Alberta…..hahahahaaa….

    1. Vancouver is overrated, overpriced and not what it used to be.

    2. @Bella Bella and its ugly weather at least 70% of the time. Say what you like about the cold winters but the sun is always shining in Alberta.

  7. How about Alberta educates and gets skilled workers inside their own province instead of taking them from other provinces?

    1. Alberta is the only one taking unvaxxed workers…you gotta read between the lines. If you haven’t noticed most provinces in Canada fired a bunch of unvaxxed workers, hence why the health care system is collapsing

  8. In my profession Alberta pays a 150% increase in wages for the exact same job, and cost of living there is approximately 75% reduced from living in BC. Its hard to compete with those incredible benefits. Of course it is lovely to be along the water and close to the ocean, and my family is in BC so it’s hard to give that up.

    1. What do you do for work? I’ve been thinking about the move

    2. @Stick Destroyer buy the proper outerwear….Alberta’s a great place to live.

  9. too expensive,workers dont get treated right,large cities to commute !!!

  10. Nobody wants to work in Alberta. Because of their low wages…They will have to sweeten the wages,if they want to attract skilled workers!

  11. lol sure you can buy a house, but then you have to live in that house, In alberta. *shudders*

  12. Are Albertans okay with this? Torontonians are ruthless when it comes to housing prices.

  13. I wonder if Jason realizes that poaching from other provinces means Alberta is free game as well…