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Brave or lucky? See the moment a dog took on a hammerhead shark

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    1. Here is the recommended clip that say it :

  1. they can’t really kill, anything big. With those head wings and tiny mouths.

    1. Nice story but here in Hawaii I see hammerheads eat huge fish 200 lb Tuna’s and marlin here get up over 1000 lbs. Who do you thing takes care of the whales when they die here.

  2. Tourists… the shark and dog are good buddies. Sledge was just skimming the edge of the hood and Fido hopped in to say hey.

  3. Think they both were curious and knew no threat

  4. Lol her “omg uhhhhhh” lol 😆 at the end but this is why dog is man’s best friend

  5. That dog has epic big balls. That is what I want protecting my home. Respect.

  6. The shark was harmless. What is the point?

  7. I wonder what dog breed it is? 🤔 I feel like it was a Siberian Husky or probably a German Shepherd. Dogs are a men’s best friend for a reason.

  8. I’d be running with a pound of bacon in each hand at that ride or die dog to get him on my side

  9. Luckily it was the least aggressive shark. A dolphin would of killed it

  10. Unlike Other sharks Hammers know and understand what they are attacking they don’t have to nudge bite you

  11. Everybody’s rooting for the dog, but the dog is obviously the aggressor and the shark is obviously the victim here. But they’ve just decided the shark is big and scary and so all their concern is for the dog.
    I feel like this explains a lot about why our world is in the state it is in, today.

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