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CNN tracks alleged war crimes committed by Russia’s 64th brigade

Salute to the “Ukrainian soldiers, the International Freedom Corps fighters, the war correspondents on the battlefield, the Ukrainian people who resisted bravely” on the battlefield!

Continue to act calmly and thoughtfully, Move quickly and efficiently, Multi-point coordinated precision strike!
All people are soldiers! All people participate!
Restoring and consolidating victory with “Liberty justice and Democracy unity”,
Maintain the support and bases in the rear of the battlefield, fully support and cooperate with the front line of the battle,
All national territories must be recovered.
At the same time, “accurately targeted strikes and comprehensive and complete destruction” of Nazi Russia’s rear support, sea and land military bases, military command centers, military industrial bases and production bases… must be completely destroyed.

Before this time, Ukraine, there were indeed many problems:
There are traitors and KGB maggots infiltrated by “Soviet-Russian Nazis” in every corner,
The Profiteer and Politicians by profit kidnapped and evilly manipulated by the “CCP Anti-Humanity National Terrorist Organization”,
The chaebol and corrupt officials who collude with corruption and harm the country and the people…
There are indeed many questions.
Those are more of the residual parasites left over by the anti-human brutal dictatorship of Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union.

After being premeditated by the “Soviet-Russian Nazis” in a brutal war of aggression against humanity,
Hope Ukraine completely removes the parasite of corruption in society and in the brain.
Expectations and blessings:
Completely reborn after the baptism of the Ukraine war!
More Freedom and Unity!
More Democratic and Honest clean government!
More Integration and Mutual assistance!
More Richer stronger and Civilized.

In eastern and southern Ukraine,
“Soviet-Russian Nazi Fascists” still uses: “Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union’s anti-human slaughter, repression, persecution and genocide-style brainwashing education and other barbaric and evil methods” invade neighboring countrie.
In these places,
most of the indigenous people were impersonated by “Soviet Nazi terrorists”,
there are also a small number of “bought and brainwashed aborigines” (profit-seeking traitors).

So, All national territories must be recovered,
Those “fake aboriginal (Soviet-Russian Nazi terrorists)” and “traitors bought by the Soviet-Russian Nazis can leave the territory of Ukraine”,
Must leave, or Forced eviction.

The “tools of aggression and killing” of the “Nazi dictator” are very sad!
The war supporters who are brainwashed by “corrupt dictators manipulating the state apparatus” are even more shameful!

For the extremely evil “state terrorist organization”,
Putin and the terrorists under his command are actually just one flesh, four limbs, and one brain…,
Selfish and Cunning authoritarian manipulator!
The wicked parasite of human society!
In fact, it is a “walking dead” that is decayed, mutated and degenerated.
In essence: They are nothing.
Necessary to decisively eliminate the Soviet Russian Nazis and completely “disintegrate” one of the axes of evil, “Nazi Russia”,
Then came the “Holocaust Against Humanity and Nazi State Concentration Camps” trial,
Comprehensive investigation and thorough exposure of “Putin and his related evil and corrupt gangs”:
All their Evil atrocities against humanity, Their Super Corrupt Facts and Evidence around the world.

To avenge the people who were brutally killed and violated by them,
They and their devils king should be punished accordingly.
A tit for tat must be given, and the punishment must be doubled!
The inferior “Tsarist Russia Soviet remnants” and “the CCP Anti-Humanity Terrorist Organization”” are very evil and cunning, and there is nothing to trust.
Liberal and democratic civilization must resolutely and completely eliminate the evil axis of anti-human dictatorship and its savage terrorists.

🗽Unite together, Form “Million Army of Liberal Democracy and Civilization”!
Thoroughly excavate and permanently expose “the remnants of the Soviet-Russian Tsar and the dictatorial Nazi Putin’s KGB anti-human spy killer” and “the global corruption infiltrating underground party members of the CCP Anti-human terrorist group (CCP terrorists)”,
They are the “most evil dictatorial monopoly and corruption and cunning” anti-human demons that have ever existed.
must be decisive, to destroy them completely,
After being crushed, it will be publicly judged and cast aside by all mankind.

For Tomorrow, Awakening Unity, Resolutely fight to destroy: Mutated and vicious neo-Nazis (Soviet Russia and CCP evil dictatorship),
All should immediately and decisively, comprehensively, simultaneously, precisely and completely eliminate “the CCP Anti-Humanity Terrorist Organization and the Remnant dictatorship Nazi Russia of the Soviet Union and other evil terrorist organizations that are anti-liberty, anti-democracy and anti-civilization”.
Evil must be eradicated decisively and completely.

Focus on the long-term, decisively and completely disintegrate:
Completely wipe out the remnants of the savage Soviet tsarist Nazi fascism,
The evil “Marxist-Leninist Cults and Lies Dictatorship State Terrorist Organizations”.
Only in this way can human beings achieve “freedom, democracy, civilized governance and perfect governance” and “peace, tranquility, stability, prosperity and development”.