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DOJ to investigate leaks of apparent classified US military documents

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    1. @Mike Kelley You need to seriously keep up with the news! Hunter has CLAIMED the laptop as his.

  1. Unbelievable considering just how careful America is with top-secret documents 🙄

    1. I remember a VERY similar thought when the Earthquake first hit Japan back in 2011. I was adamant about my resolve in believing the Japanese could weather anything that hit them… then the media started showing those reactor buildings popping like zits on the back of a giant space baby and I realized the illusion long ago.

  2. The questions we need to ask are who leaked them, how did they get access to top secret classified documents, where did they obtained them, when did they get them, what benefits or purposes for doing so, and etc.⁉️🤔

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  3. In all honesty this should be fairly easy to locate the guilty individual or individuals! I don’t care if democrat or republican…. Lock them up!

  4. Jeez. I wonder…. Who is a criminal and a traitor whom stole documents?

    1. @Jeremy you aren’t a christian. Just stop pretending

    2. @Czarcastic 145 I’ve heard trump’s take on it. “They are presidential records, so that means they are mine, mine, mine.” Sort of like a seagull.

  5. Who knew all this time “top secret” really just meant “please return.”

    1. @Boondoggle Trolls don’t stop the BS, they try to drown out the Truth with their BS.

    2. Maybe means, please return by Christmas or at your convenience.

  6. Let’s go Jack Smith!! We know he went through docs after the search warrant

    1. @Davis Delicious Dishes You must be 13 years old.

  7. This is surreal. But honestly I saw this coming it’s so much tension in the U.S.

  8. 🤔who do we know that has had classified documents that are “his”. Especially since he had an aide download them on a laptop

    1. ​@H.B. hey guys i know the meaning of life… orange man bad cause my tell lie vision told me to… its now telling me to take more boosters

    2. @Colin Head Some of these documents are from 2023. Can’t blame Trump. H U N T E R! and Joe.

  9. Whoa that is scary and I would think they can trace who had them….

  10. My guess is they were given or sold to someone with instructions when to publish them

    1. Publish them if he gets arrested and or charged. HMMM.. Has anyone been arrested for having secret documents lately??

  11. Hopefully the leaked info leads to officials being arrested for corrupt practices.

  12. We all know who leaked it. Justice is blind not stupid.

    1. @Apog’s Malcontents why does everybody keep saying Russian disinformation about everything? We all know the problem is sitting in the White House.

  13. Government agents also looked at the Steele Dossier and concluded that it was legitimate. The government has a credibility problem.

    1. We all know who manafort was working for, and went to prison for, but let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

  14. The timing of these released documents is telling. I would hope that anyone under investigation isn’t responsible for such an irresponsible action.

    1. ​@Norma Colon hope you are just being sarcastic

  15. Top secret papers are shredded and are not just thrown in a trash can when sent. Printed copies are only kept by end recipients….

  16. Seems to be a problem with keeping classified documents classified lately

    1. also some of these documents are from 2023. BIDEN FAMILY!

  17. That’s what happens when you put someone like Marge on the Homeland security committee!

  18. It’s falling apart faster than anyone could have imagined